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Lib's Disguises 8.2.6

A disguise plugin which I find to be better then the others..

  1. libraryaddict
    Caution to anyone using the development builds! Build 305 and up have methods changed which may require you to recompile plugins which uses Lib's Disguises.

    Please move all discussion of the plugin here

    View documentation here

    So you tried iDisguise and DisguiseCraft and decided they were just plain buggy..
    Or includes features you don't want.

    Or maybe they don't have enough disguises!
    iDisguise: 40 disguises supported
    DisguiseCraft: 36 disguises supported
    Lib's Disguises: 64 disguises supported

    Maybe you heard that a large server network was running it!
    The Hive!

    They are all using it, from performance increases to a better control over each disguise!

    Or maybe you want to just run a disguise plugin by me!
    Or maybe you just need this plugin because Lib's Hungergames, BlockHunt or ZombieGame demands it!
    Or maybe you know you can see yourself disguised!
    Or maybe. Just maybe. You are a developer and you heard about the fact you can disguise any entity as any entity!
    Disguise a zombie as a player!
    Disguise a enderman as Herobrine!
    Disguise all mobs as a item drop!
    Disguise experience orbs as a enderdragon!

    Well that's fine. There's only one limitation I know this plugin has.
    And that is that it requires ProtocolLib as it uses that to edit packets.

    Because it uses ProtocolLib, the observers will NEVER see the real player.
    Its impossible. Unless you, as the end user. Somehow screw up.
    Or if either this plugin or ProtocolLib bugs out.

    Due to the fact that I mainly mean to keep this as a developer API. I will not be extending its features for quite a few things.

    Basically summarized. I have no intentions to bloat this plugin with things which I don't need.

    I am not going to stick in code just in-case a developer is lazy in the off-chance they might need it.
    Especially since they could easily stick the code in themselves.

    One example is mob sounds. I allow you to disguise as a mob. But I'm only changing the step sound. And the damage sounds. And all the other sounds needed to stabilize a disguises illusion.

    Want to play the idle sounds? Such as a zombie moaning?
    I don't cover that for mobs which do not 'moan' by default.
    You better get coding :eek:

    It gives tons of control to the developer as well!
    Which is something I'm big on.

    I do not want to put a config in as that would turn this from a Drag & Drop into a Drag & Drop & Configure.

    I developed this as a developer API which you can depend on.
    Without the fear of forgetting to do something.

    Hate the DisguiseCraft plugin and its permissions hell. Spent 30min trying to get it perfect..
    Failed at it to.

    If you have a plugin which depends on DisguiseCraft and you are unable to change it to LibsDisguises. Look no further!
    Lib's DisguiseCraft is here!

    I just don't want to see the real players.. Was that so hard to ask?!

    For those wondering about seeing yourself disguised.
    It does that and there is almost no problems.
    The 2 problems are: Lag and sometimes the disguise 'gets in the way'

    Interested in finding some documentation on the plugin?

    Click here

    Source can be found here


Recent Updates

  1. Released 8.2.6
  2. Released 8.2.5
  3. Released 8.2.4

Recent Reviews

  1. kill_da_trolls
    Version: 8.2.6
    Amazing plugin, and excellent replacement for disguiseCraft.
  2. Dacon
    Version: 8.2.6
    Great plugin! Glad I found this
  3. qeterme
    Version: 8.2.6
    Could you add a config option for Disguise PVP?
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      I see you didn't bother looking in the config..
  4. andrewkm
    Version: 7.8
    Amazing. Well worth the switch from disguisecraft!
  5. karl
    Version: 7.8
    nice plugin with a wide range of Disguises keep making some awesome plugins!!
  6. joehot200
    Version: 7.7.1
    Here is your rating back that you lost due to version deletion :P.

    Awesome plugin, even though i only use it as an addon for Libs Hungergames, the Zombifier kit is my favourite!!! :D
  7. Tux
    Version: 7.6.4
    much amazing disguise plugin evar
  8. Steffion
    Version: 7.6.3
    It's a cool plugin, sadly the movements are not as smooth as DisguiseCraft. I hope this will get improved (if it's not a problem on my side)! Overall, good job :D!
    1. libraryaddict
      Author's Response
      Can you give me a demonstration? It should actually be smoother
  9. Dabo Ross
    Dabo Ross
    Version: 7.6.3
    Awesome plugin! Switched from DisguiseCraft to this and never going back!
  10. Plumeex
    Version: 7.4.1
    So perfect. Find some players mining together, disguise them as zombies and enjoy the slaughter.
    Or spawn some agressive mobs and create a Herobrine army.

    This is the ultimate plugin for the troll admin.