1. For security reasons it is recommended that all users upgrade to Minecraft 1.8.3 by re-running BuildTools. A fix for 1.8 is also available via the --rev 1.8 argument. At this stage there is no fix for 1.7.10 or below, however given these builds have been unsupported for more than 7 months, we recommend that all servers look into upgrading. For those using Vanilla, it is anticipated a fixed 1.8.4 version will be released by Mojang soon.

TeleportSigns 1.3.2

Use signs to teleport between servers and display serverinfo on them.

  1. Release 1.3.2

    • new ping class
    • check for broken signs and layouts
    • allow other plugins to register own layouts
    • use the current minecraft protocol
    • added debug mode
    • only update signs when their server state changes
    • general cleanup
    Check this for more info.
  2. Release 1.3.1

    • update n signs per tick (configurable)
    • added possibility to disable offline-message
    • added cooldown to prevent BungeeCord from beeing spammed (configurable)
    • configurable timeout (for pinging servers)
  3. Release 1.3 - fix download link

    fixed the download link...
  4. Release 1.3

    • updated server ping to 1.6
    • some little fixes
  5. Release 1.2.1 fix

    fixed the fix
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  6. Release 1.2.1

    fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  7. Release 1.2

    + multiline-motd; works like this:
    Code (text):
      - '%motd%'
      - '%motd%'
      - '&f&l%numpl%/%maxpl%'
      - '%isonline%'
    + customizable char for playercount (when server is offline)
    + cleaned up code
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  8. Release 1.1

    + fully customizable layouts
    + /tsreload command, reloads config from disk (teleportsigns.reload default: op)
    + changeable ping interval
    + everything in one config file (delete old ones!)