1. Spigot & CraftBukkit have just been updated to Minecraft 1.8.5. For more info on how to get them, please see the update announcement.

TeleportSigns 1.3.2

Use signs to teleport between servers and display serverinfo on them.

  1. Release 1.3.2

    • new ping class
    • check for broken signs and layouts
    • allow other plugins to register own layouts
    • use the current minecraft protocol
    • added debug mode
    • only update signs when their server state changes
    • general cleanup
    Check this for more info.
  2. Release 1.3.1

    • update n signs per tick (configurable)
    • added possibility to disable offline-message
    • added cooldown to prevent BungeeCord from beeing spammed (configurable)
    • configurable timeout (for pinging servers)
  3. Release 1.3 - fix download link

    fixed the download link...
  4. Release 1.3

    • updated server ping to 1.6
    • some little fixes
  5. Release 1.2.1 fix

    fixed the fix
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  6. Release 1.2.1

    fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  7. Release 1.2

    + multiline-motd; works like this:
    Code (text):
      - '%motd%'
      - '%motd%'
      - '&f&l%numpl%/%maxpl%'
      - '%isonline%'
    + customizable char for playercount (when server is offline)
    + cleaned up code
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  8. Release 1.1

    + fully customizable layouts
    + /tsreload command, reloads config from disk (teleportsigns.reload default: op)
    + changeable ping interval
    + everything in one config file (delete old ones!)