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    change server ip in server.properties to if bungee is on the same machine as craftbukkit, if its on a different server or other reasons use the firewall rule. because yea it would be bad if someone logged in as you on your own server
  2. Thanks! I think that will work for me as the other server shouldn't require too much security and I can set it to a random port.
  3. I would like to make a request... would there be a way for the proxy to show as a diffrent version of minecraft when you connect to a diffrent host/ip/port... so that way you could run more then one version server from one.

    Edit: *Starts to wounder if anyone read this....

    Edit2: I guess none one did see this :(
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    I don't support any variant of Forge with Bungee because they sortof break the Minecraft login protocol and it requires a fair bit of legwork and complex code I really don't want at this point. Investigating a better method of allowing compatibility.
  6. Ah, thanks. I appreciate both your reply and your investigation into better methods.
  7. With online mode off non premium users cant connect when they connect threw bungee cord but using the traditional ip address to the server they can still join as any user, any way to fix this besides changing my ip address and not telling people the new address? (I just started using the domain play.ambush-craft.net to connect instead of the ip but some people still use the ip)

    Also im guessing for everyone to connect to my lobby, I need to portforward. I am just testing this for now
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    Either use the firewall rule in the OP, or if bungee is on the same machine as your server, set server-ip in server.properties to
  9. Cue


    Any chance we could get some code snippets/info for the various messaging subchannels to communicate between Bukkit and Bungee?

    I got Connect working just fine, but the new Forward channel is proving to be a rather difficult one. Trying to write a Vault-esque API for easy communication with Bungee and other servers by proxy (presuming that's what Forward is for?).
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    How exactly would I go about making a across server chat plugin?
  11. How precisely do I only let certain IP address's join the actual ip using the firewall (Computer
    Fire wall or some bungee firewall because my servers are hosted by a company and I am testing bungee on another computer...?)
  12. Code (text):
        public void onEnable() {
        public void onChatEvent(ChatEvent event) {
            String chatMessage = event.getMessage();
            ProxiedPlayer pPlayer = (ProxiedPlayer) event.getSender();
            Collection<ProxiedPlayer> pPlayers = BungeeCord.getInstance().getPlayers();
            for (ProxiedPlayer proxiedPlayer : pPlayers) {
  13. Would it be a bad idea to telport 125> people back to a server at once. I have 5 GB of RAM on each server, and the CPU is powerful. Bandwidth should be enough.
  14. How can I go about building this from github source?
  15. I'm a bit confused about the forced_servers section in the config.yml file.

    I have successfully setup BungeeCord with 2 servers behind it. I can /server between the two, no problem.

    Right now, if I connect, I enter my SMP server, which is perfect, but how I can get my PVP players to connect directly to my PVP world, do I use the forced_servers section, if so, how?

    For example, with out BungeeCord, I could obviously have :-


    But how can this be done if BungieCord is only binding 1 port?
  16. Under forced hosts, use something like this:

    pvp.hostname.net: pvp

    That will make it so people using pvp.hostname.net for the ip when connecting, will in turn connect to server 'pvp'.
  17. Hmm, so my DNS records would be setup like this. then :-


    And that's going to work, with the forced_servers option?

    Seems like magic, to me...
  18. Really, you don't need to change anything with DNS, as long as pvp.hostname.net points to the same ip as the bungee server.

    When you log in to a mc server, the mc client sends the exact hostname you typed in the client to connect. Then bungee uses that to distinguish which server to send you to (if you have a forced hosts option for that hostname).
  19. Ah, ok, now that makes sense, thank you very much.
  20. Hi, I got a problem. How come some players lag client side (not FPS) but not server side.
    Player types in "Hello world!"
    Server receives text immediately
    People who aren't "lagging" client side receives text immediately
    People who are "lagging" client side receives text .5 - 5 seconds later

    Never had this problem before we started to use bungee cord and we can't turn back now. Is there a way to fix the client side latency that the proxy is giving them?

    Another note: The lagging player's movement/chat doesn't lag to other people. Happens with random people at random times. They won't lag on other servers connected to bungee but problem exists on every server.