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Bungee Cord "Kicked While Connecting To Lobby:You Are Already Connected To This Server" HELP

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by Fireman, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. When I join the lobby from bungee cord it says a message "Kicked While Connecting To Lobby:You Are Already Connected To This Server" and I don't know what is causing the problem to this because I have triple checked everything in the configs and bukkit.yml and servers.
    So Please Someone HELP ME!
  2. kill_da_trolls

    kill_da_trolls Supporter

    Most likely your lobby server is lagging badly, leading your lobby server to believe you are still online. Try restarting your lobby server.
  3. i did tons of times about 30 times or more
  4. kill_da_trolls

    kill_da_trolls Supporter

    Have you tried connecting to the lobby server with its backend IP?
  5. backend ip?..
  6. Its real IP
  7. like computer IP or my IP?
  8. kill_da_trolls

    kill_da_trolls Supporter

    I don't see how you're running BungeeCord if you don't know what a server's backend IP is.
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  9. first time using bungee cord i have a bukkit server though
  10. could u explain to me what the backend ip is?
    (btw i host the server)
  11. kill_da_trolls

    kill_da_trolls Supporter

    It's the IP/ port that your lobby server is hosting off of.
  12. i did that then. but it only says that I connected to the server while connecting to it because i was already joined and my friend tried it and got the same thing
  13. Can anybody help me?....
  14. kill_da_trolls

    kill_da_trolls Supporter

    Do you have a Skype?
  16. xMyNameIsTyler

    xMyNameIsTyler Previously tylerthecreeper2

    Do you have other servers other than your Bungee instance? You need 1 for bungee, then lobby is a separate server.
  17. wow calm down:p
  18. OH BOY, this thread.

    Backend IP:
    In your BungeeCord config.yml, you enter the servers that you want to connect, they must be offline mode.
    What you then do is connect via Bungee rather than using their actual IP.
    EG: Servers on port 25575+ and then bungee on 25565.

    He's suggesting connecting without Bungee to see if the issue is still there.

    Also, nobody can help without any logs/configs http://pastebin.com/
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