Who gun b goin to Mineorama?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by treestompz, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Just bought tickets for Mineorama! Who else is going? :D
  2. sorta off-topic but:
    Who thinks mojang does not approve of this?
  3. SuperSpyTX

    SuperSpyTX Supporter

    All I can say.

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  4. I don't think there is anything illegal about it atleast
  5. SuperSpyTX

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    I wonder if a Spigot panel could be done there, or if not Spigot, a server modding panel that explains the difference between the two most popular (Bukkit & Spigot).

    I saw on the YouTube walkthrough video and in the comments, AEMNetwork was going, assuming AlexM850 is going then.
  6. Yea, we should definitely try to organize a panel. If we had to choose between a panel or booth, I think a panel makes more sense for something like Spigot. Plus, the convention is suppose to be an educational experience.

    AlexM850 and his brother Ethan are definitely both going and I know Intreppid is too.
  7. SuperSpyTX

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    If I go, I can't wait to meet up with those guys.

    I'm also gonna try to get the person to the left to go with me.
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  8. fuzzy_bot

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    I bought two vip tickets, interested in helping with a spigot/server modding panel.
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  9. fuzzy_bot

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    Also i'm driving up from my house in virginia if there is anyone caravanning to new york (this is probably too early to start a conversation about this)
  10. Coming from NJ myself, so it's only a train ride away!
  11. Outlaw11A

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    Intreppid will have a booth there I think.
  12. I would like to go since the time (summer) and location is better for me, but $150 is a bit much. Not that minecom is any cheaper.

    Maybe I can pretend to be under 6? :p
  13. chop your legs.
  14. YoFuzzy3

    YoFuzzy3 Supporter

    I'll go if someone pays for my plane ticket. :3
  15. If you paint my servers colors all over your body and go with very very short short jeans and 3 layers of shirts with a jacket (in the hot mess) i will.
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  16. treestompz I better get a big ol' bear hug from you.

    SuperSpyTX You better go so I can get a big ol' bear hug from you.

    (I am going with AlexM850 and Ethan.)

    I don't want to hear it. I am coming from Texas.
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  17. YoFuzzy3

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    Darn, no thanks. :p
  18. SuperSpyTX

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    Yes then we can start talking about how well you've handled my mad trolling skills since my life changing Wilford Brimley program :)