1. For security reasons it is recommended that all users upgrade to Minecraft 1.8.3 by re-running BuildTools. A fix for 1.8 is also available via the --rev 1.8 argument. At this stage there is no fix for 1.7.10 or below, however given these builds have been unsupported for more than 7 months, we recommend that all servers look into upgrading. For those using Vanilla, a 1.8.4 version with these same fixes has been released by Mojang.
  2. Guest, as part of new anti-spam measures, in order to be able to create private messages you must have 5 posts and an account of at least 3 days old. Within an hour of these criteria you will be able to create private messages.

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        CloudChat IRC Bot
        Lib's Disguises
            Manipulating the Player
        Plotz API
        Plotz installation
        SQLPerms API
        SQLTokens - API
        Tab Commands
        Tab Configuration
        Tab Permissions
        Recipe Example
        Analyzing Crashes
        Disabling Netty
        Isolating Crashes