Hi Everyone,

We are seeking to recruit a few new staff to take on a variety of positions around SpigotMC. The requirements of all roles are as follows:
  • Be an active member of the community for at least 3 months
  • Be able to dedicate an average of 3 hours a week to being involved with SpigotMC
  • Be present on IRC or Discord whenever possible
In addition to this, there are many other factors which we may consider when reviewing applications, including, but not limited to:
  • Extent, consistency and usefulness of involvement and contributions within the community
  • Previous warnings and reports on the forums
  • General attitude, behaviour, presentation and manner (including outside of SpigotMC)
  • Ability to speak languages other than English (working proficiency / CEFR B2)
  • Existing involvement with SpigotMC outside of the forums (IRC, Discord, development, etc)
Forums Moderator: Forums moderators help to keep the forums neat and tidy. They are involved in all aspects of SpigotMC and depending on other factors such as age may play a significant role in the overall governance of the project. In addition to the standard requirements you must have at least 250 posts on the forums to apply for this position.

Resource Staff: The chosen resource staff member(s) will be responsible for dealing with reports, issues, and approvals pertaining to the resources section of the website. In addition to the standard requirements you must have at least 100 posts on the forums and be able to understand (but not necessarily write) Java code.

If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please email [email protected] with your application. Your application should include a link to your profile and a short explanation of who you are (please include age and location). In previous rounds we found that the highest quality applications were a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500. If...
Despite all the bad news as of late, to mark the start of April I have some good news to share with you all: as of right now we are launching the official SpigotMC Discord™ Server. Although we will still be keeping IRC as a first-class option for those who prefer the community/experience there, Discord™ will be an additional place to hang out with the SpigotMC community and seek interactive help/support. We know that many of you are already avid Discord™ users so quite frankly you would be foolish to not join our server right away.

Of course with synchronous communication, especially when it is persistent, there are additional moderation challenges. I would therefore like to remind everyone who joins that they will be held to the same high standard as on these forums (if not higher). All the existing IRC and General rules (as well as bans) still apply, and we have also developed some additional guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for all.
  • Please make use of the nickname feature to align with your Forums nickname.
  • Please keep help requests simple and consider whether the Forums are not more appropriate to resolving your issue.
    • Posting issues on the forums makes it easier for more people to see your issue, and also creates knowledge which is easily accessible in the future. If you need to share more than a few lines of code or you expect the answer to be longer than a few sentences, then the forums are probably a more appropriate venue.
    • Although we can sometimes help with plugins, often the best thing to do is contact the author in their resource discussion thread. This is because there are thousands of plugins and we do not know everything about them all....
If your recent experience has been anything like mine, it has probably been filled with a frenzy of COVID-19 news, toilet paper shortages, and an inbox full of companies promising to help you with their products in these uncertain times. I cannot communicate anything which governments and experts have not already, nor is it appropriate/necessary for me to let you know we still exist (not that I have anything to sell you). And no, you cannot have my toilet paper either. Instead I thought I might use this opportunity and platform to communicate a message which although not revolutionary is a far cry from almost everything else I have encountered recently. Those of you who have been with me since the beginning (nearly a decade ago!) might recall a predilection for long form content, and to either your disdain or delight this post marks a brief return to that: MD's soapbox if you will.

Although I have had the great pleasure of meeting hundreds of you in person, the reality is that most of us only know each other through our online interactions. The situation which we are all facing right now is not confined to, or indeed even a product of these interactions. As such in writing this post, I wanted to try and break through this virtual barrier that divides us and address you all at a level that, at least on this platform, is not the norm. In doing so I recalled the phrase ‘Remember the Human’. In another time and place this phrase might be one of chastise — a reminder to all be civil to each other — but today I instead use it thematically, as a guide for what I am to write next, and I hope as a guide to all of you dealing with this situation, whether online here or back in the ‘real world’.

On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.’ Whilst I must confess that I am not in fact a dog, the comic nevertheless again illustrates...
This is to advise that the rules regarding obfuscation have been changed. These changes have been extensively reviewed by staff and are aimed at reducing the instances of unnecessary obfuscation making it difficult for staff to perform their duties. All resources and resource updates posted after today must comply with the new rules or risk being removed. If you use an obfuscator which is not allowed by the rules and wish to gain an exemption you must contact us.

Rules: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-rules/
Premium Guidelines: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/31667/


4.1.6: You are allowed to obfuscate your resources, however the decompiled code must be somewhat legible by staff and is subject to the following limitations:
  1. Free resources may only use basic name obfuscation (ie what Mojang does with Minecraft).
    1. This limits you to certain free publicly available obfuscators (eg Proguard, yGuard).
      1. See https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/420746/ for a complete list of approved obfuscators and settings.
    2. Do not use string obfuscation or anything that hides code flow.
    3. In exceptional circumstances exceptions to this rule may be granted.
  2. All resources must retain an unobfuscated package root and main class name.
    1. com.example.myplugin.MyPlugin is an acceptable main class name, com.example.myplugin.a, a.a.a.MyPlugin or a.a.a.a. are not.
    2. com.example.myplugin.a.a is an acceptable secondary class name, a.a.a.SecondaryClass or a.a.a.a are not.
  3. Obfuscation designed to crash inspection tools is not allowed.
  4. All parts of a class must be visible when decompiled and it must be clear what all parts of the code is supposed to do.
    1. Class encryption is not allowed. It does not add meaningful security anyway.
  5. Obfuscated class or member names should not be unnecessarily long or difficult to inspect....
The Spigot Community Server is once again up and running. The server runs a recent snapshot build and is available for all members to play on.

You can play on it as you wish (survival, creative), but please make sure to respect the gameplay of others. That is if you have access to creative, don't leave valuable resources everywhere or target players in survival. Those with over 100 posts on the forums are eligible to be promoted to a rank which has access to creative. Being banned from the server will also lead to you being banned from the forums.

We are most interested in using this server to find bugs which are not present in either Spigot 1.15.2 or Vanilla snapshots. If you find any, please report them to the issue tracker linked below, after doing appropriate testing on the aforementioned versions.

The main world was generated on 20w08a and nether on 20w15a.

Server: play.spigotmc.org
TeamSpeak: talk.spigotmc.org
Configuration / Issues: https://github.com/SpigotMC/SpigotCraft

Ranks available are based on number of posts:
  • Tester = 100 posts
  • Helper = 500 posts
To request a rank, please use the rank request thread: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/344229/ not this one.