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Many of you have suggested that you would like to see more front page announcements of what is happening both in front and behind the scenes of the community, so lets make a start! I have three items on the agenda for today, resource categories, spam and scheduled maintenance.

Last news post, we announced the addition of several new categories to the forums, and its been great to see them getting used frequently, reducing clutter on other parts of the forums. At the suggestion of brajo (see here), we have implemented a variety of new resource categories to supplement the existing three, Bukkit, Bungee - Bukkit and Bungee - Proxy. These categories are as follows:

  • Chat
  • Tools and Utilities
  • Misc
  • Fun
  • World Management
Bungee - Bukkit
  • Transportation
  • Chat
  • Tools and Utilities
  • Misc
Bungee - Proxy
  • Transportation
  • Chat
  • Tools and Utilities
  • Misc
  • Libraries / APIs
These categories are by no means exhaustive, however we feel them to cover a good majority of the resources currently available for download, as such we now encourage all developers to update and re-categorise their resources accordingly to make it even easier for server owners to find and download cool new plugins. If you are a developer and feel that there is an important category missing from this list, please drop me a line below and I will endeavour to add it.

Some of you may of noticed, some of you may of not, but recently there has been a massive influx of “kitchen spam” polluting our forums. The reason for this spam is understandable, we are now #1 on google for the term “spigot”, which if you weren’t aware is synonymous with “tap”, hence why these spammers are so eager to get our business! We have been...
Long time no see, hope most of you are enjoying the last little bit of your summer holidays!
As you may have noticed a few changes have been going around on the forums recently and we’d like your help implementing some of them.

Firstly, mail is no longer sent from the web server itself, and instead comes from the more robust Amazon SES infrastructure. This should ensure higher delivery rates meaning no more lost mail, especially for Windows Live / Outlook / Hotmail users. Secondly, we have implemented two new forums. These forums are “Spigot Help”, and “Plugin Help”. In the past we didn’t really have a place for users to come and get specific help on a plugin they are currently configuring, or information on a specific aspect of Spigot, thus this lead to cluttering of the Plugin, Server and Community Management sections, which has now been renamed to just Server and Community Management.

In order to supplement these new subforums, and to encourage discussion of all kinds within our community website, I now ask you to reply below with any relevant subforums that you would like to see added.

And finally, some of you have asked when we will be updating to XenForo 1.2, and I can assure you that we would like to do this as soon as possible, however at this point in time we are still waiting for our Flexile forum theme to update.

Thanks as always, and enjoy the new school year!
~Spigot Team
EDIT: The repo's have been moved, please access them at their new locations

As part of our previously announced plans to consolidate all SpigotMC projects into one GitHub account, the following projects will be moved to later today.
Thankfully GitHub now provides full redirection from the old links to the new links, however these redirects may not be around forever, so I advise you all to please update any git remotes, and edit any posts / threads to include the new locations as you see fit - if you see links to the old locations, please file a report and our staff will edit accordingly.

Thanks for your cooperation
~Spigot Team
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#934 has been promoted to RB to fix some important issues in the previous build. ALL owners are advised to update at once.

Promoted an older Bungee build (#514), be warned of issues with newer builds.

Well, its been over a month since the Long Live Spigot post and I feel like its time to go over how far we’ve progressed. First up might I say that the response to that post was absolutely amazing, the support by each and every one of you has been incredible, and I feel it has really boosted the Spigot community as a whole. Today I’m going to cover the changes we have made in the recent weeks, which have occurred as a result of the goals set out then. You may have noticed many little things such as slightly snappier forums, a multitude of new Bungee related sections, as well as Tapatalk support, however there have also been some bigger things emerging, such as the wiki, which will become the documentation and community hub for all SpigotMC projects. To this end I’d like to congratulate brajo on receiving the title of “Wiki Team Lead”, and this next paragraph is a short excerpt from him outlining the use of the wiki.

This is a heads up to say that I will be tinkering with the forums a little bit this weekend in order to ensure the best experience possible. Last weekend I updated most our addons, and all went well. This weekend I plan to do a few things:
  • Update remaining one or two addons - 1/2 Done!
  • Transition to our updated Flexile theme - Done!
  • Install a backend cache server - Done!
  • Potentially update to Xenforo 1.1.5 - Done!
  • Install Tapatalk - Done!
The first bullet point will cause zero downtime, as it is a routine operation, there is only
As many of you know, Flexile is outdated and unmaintained so I have updated all templates to Xenforo 1.1.4. You can test them out by selecting the in development style. The forums should look exactly the same, however I have redone some of the style internals and templates to ensure a smoother upgrade to Xenforo 1.2, so take a good look incase bugs arise.
We will also be installing a backend Memcached server to boost performance even more, not that it isn't snappy. This may log you out, don't be alarmed, just relog.
Finally if the template updates go well, we will update to Xenforo 1.1.5. This shouldn't cause any issues bar 5 minutes downtime.

As always, thanks