There was a time based bug in spigot, this has been fixed in the latest builds.


Backports to older versions:


1.7.2 (Protocol Update): DMCA Removal


1.5.2: DMCA Removal
More info (by md_5)
Early Wednesday night (Australian time), we received our first reports of this issue occurring. A user's server had crashed with the now widely known stack trace (this user was from New Zealand, which becomes important later). The apparent cause of this was unknown, somehow the currentTick variable had become negative (how exactly can the server be currently at a negative tick!). Whilst I was not awake at the time, the issues became more and more apparent as clocks started to roll over. @Thinkofdeath quickly prepared a fix and the bug was resolved from our point of view. Unfortunately not everyone updates to every new build instantly, so the bug persisted, and eventually almost every server was affected as time went on.

The actual cause
This issue is a combination of two factors, the way in which CraftBukkit keeps track of the current tick ( and the way in which our enhanced tab ping code (which enables latency updates for the tab list) works:

We use this...
Good afternoon Spigot Community,

Its been nearly a month since we last caught up! I’d like to take this opportunity to update you on a few things that have been happening within the community lately. As I’m sure you have all noticed by now, we are running the latest version of XenForo, featuring a shiny new skin by @Audentio. I’d like to take this time to thank all of our wonderful supporters who donated to make this theme possible! I am sure it will serve us well into the future and continue to be our own special splash of uniqueness. If you do encounter any issues with it, please do let us know in the feedback section. The forums as a whole have also continued to grow immensely these past few weeks, with a large increase in both active users and content generated. I’d especially like to thank the developers who have taken the time to upload and maintain their resources in the resources section, it is great to see a swathe of Bungee, Bukkit and Spigot plugins up for download.

With all this growth, there have also been some growing pains, especially within the services and recruitment section. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the rules and general decency which we expect all members of the community to adhere to, regardless of their position anywhere else; you are not exempt from the rules just because you own a 1500 player server or hold some other high ranking position within the Minecraft community. Before I go into specific detail about a couple of rules, I would like to draw to your attention this post made earlier last week by cupcake, one of the administrators of reddit:

Tomorrow we will be upgrading the forums to XenForo version 1.2 as well as implementing our new forum theme and ensuring that all our plugins and features are up to date. Assuming no last minute issues we are planning to perform this upgrade in the timeslot mentioned below.

Start Times:
UTC+11 (AEDT, Melbourne): Monday, 20 January 2014 at 4:00:00 PM
UTC+0 (UTC, London): Monday, 20 January 2014 at 5:00:00 AM
UTC-5 (EST, New York): Midnight between Sunday, 19 January 2014 and Monday, 20 January 2014
UTC-8 (PST, Los Angeles): Sunday, 19 January 2014 at 9:00:00 PM

Maximum Duration: 4 hours

Estimated Impact:
1 hour full outage - forums will not be accessible during this time
3 hours sporadic outage - forums may be slightly broken or not load for some users during this time.
Following days - there may be some bugs present, please report this to the feedback section and we will look into them ASAP.

Thanks for your support, and it will be great to finally get our brand new custom theme from Audentio launched.
~Spigot Team
As most of you would have gathered by now, we do not often promote recommended builds of our projects. In general we expect all builds to be equally as stable, and by having a constantly rolling release, it ensures that no one is left behind. Over the last year there have been a few times that we released recommended builds of Spigot and Bungee. These recommended builds occur immediately preceding points where we feel that instability, or an otherwise poorer user experience will occur. Examples of these events have included the BungeeCord API, updating Spigot to use a patch based system, and updating both of these programs to use a new IO backend based on Netty. Today I would like to announce that the current Bungee build, #788, has been marked as recommended.

Our coming Bungee plans have been Inspired by the way large, long running programs (such as IRCDs) are broken up into a core feature set followed by modules containing specific features and commands. The first port of call for doing this will be making each command its own module, downloaded and updated automatically from Jenkins. The biggest benefit of this is that internal Bungee commands can be enabled/disabled at will, and we can also add more functionality which wouldn’t otherwise be a part of BungeeCord, such as MySQL reconnect location saving.

Rewriting these commands to be their own modules also gives us the opportunity to clean up their output. I am no designer, and this is evident through the hodge-podge of colours and layouts used within the BungeeCord commands and message outputs. Just like all Essentials commands are standardised in terms of arguments and colour scheme, we wish to do the same for Bungee, ensuring that users have a consistent and easy experience across all servers which they join. If you wish to help out redesigning the existing commands, as well as the upcoming new commands, please express your interest in the form below. A GitHub account is required to take part in this...
The last two weeks have been very busy for the Spigot team, with lots of code pushed, and lots of advances made in the progress of our IRC network. Today I’d like to talk a bit more about this new network, as well as the upcoming forum theme’s first (and only) public preview and feedback request.

If you frequent the #spigot or #md_5 channels on EsperNet you may have noticed a new, slightly spammy user on the channels by the name of B. B is our channel bridge bot. Each message which you say on these channels is relayed by B to the other network (EsperNet / SpigotMC). B is part of our plan to make the transition as smooth as possible for users, and will allow those who are unable to move straight away, some time to do so, by ensuring no chat is missed and that as many people as possible are on hand to assist.

For a brief rationale behind moving to a new network, I suggested you read the previous announcement on the matter here:
Connecting to the new network is actually quite simple, we are using the domain for all our IRC based operations. This domain will randomly connect you to one of the four servers we currently have in operation. All of the servers listen on port 6667 for normal connections, and 6697 for ssl encrypted connections. They also have a valid signed ssl certificate, so your security is ensured. As of yet we have not created a proper website, however if you head over to, you will see a brief placeholder as well as a link to the webchat ( Both the webchat and site are also accessible via https if you feel the need for extra security.

When connecting to IRC it is recommended that you create a NickServ account. This can be done by issuing the command /ns register <password> <email>. Logging in to your account each time with /ns identify <password> will ensure that your identity is not compromised. There is a lot...