As most of you would have gathered by now, we do not often promote recommended builds of our projects. In general we expect all builds to be equally as stable, and by having a constantly rolling release, it ensures that no one is left behind. Over the last year there have been a few times that we released recommended builds of Spigot and Bungee. These recommended builds occur immediately preceding points where we feel that instability, or an otherwise poorer user experience will occur. Examples of these events have included the BungeeCord API, updating Spigot to use a patch based system, and updating both of these programs to use a new IO backend based on Netty. Today I would like to announce that the current Bungee build, #788, has been marked as recommended.

Our coming Bungee plans have been Inspired by the way large, long running programs (such as IRCDs) are broken up into a core feature set followed by modules containing specific features and commands. The first port of call for doing this will be making each command its own module, downloaded and updated automatically from Jenkins. The biggest benefit of this is that internal Bungee commands can be enabled/disabled at will, and we can also add more functionality which wouldn’t otherwise be a part of BungeeCord, such as MySQL reconnect location saving.

Rewriting these commands to be their own modules also gives us the opportunity to clean up their output. I am no designer, and this is evident through the hodge-podge of colours and layouts used within the BungeeCord commands and message outputs. Just like all Essentials commands are standardised in terms of arguments and colour scheme, we wish to do the same for Bungee, ensuring that users have a consistent and easy experience across all servers which they join. If you wish to help out redesigning the existing commands, as well as the upcoming new commands, please express your interest in the form below. A GitHub account is required to take part in this...
The last two weeks have been very busy for the Spigot team, with lots of code pushed, and lots of advances made in the progress of our IRC network. Today I’d like to talk a bit more about this new network, as well as the upcoming forum theme’s first (and only) public preview and feedback request.

If you frequent the #spigot or #md_5 channels on EsperNet you may have noticed a new, slightly spammy user on the channels by the name of B. B is our channel bridge bot. Each message which you say on these channels is relayed by B to the other network (EsperNet / SpigotMC). B is part of our plan to make the transition as smooth as possible for users, and will allow those who are unable to move straight away, some time to do so, by ensuring no chat is missed and that as many people as possible are on hand to assist.

For a brief rationale behind moving to a new network, I suggested you read the previous announcement on the matter here:
Connecting to the new network is actually quite simple, we are using the domain for all our IRC based operations. This domain will randomly connect you to one of the four servers we currently have in operation. All of the servers listen on port 6667 for normal connections, and 6697 for ssl encrypted connections. They also have a valid signed ssl certificate, so your security is ensured. As of yet we have not created a proper website, however if you head over to, you will see a brief placeholder as well as a link to the webchat ( Both the webchat and site are also accessible via https if you feel the need for extra security.

When connecting to IRC it is recommended that you create a NickServ account. This can be done by issuing the command /ns register <password> <email>. Logging in to your account each time with /ns identify <password> will ensure that your identity is not compromised. There is a lot...
Hey guys! The front page has been neglected for a while due to updates, real life commitments, Minecon, and a few other events. Its time however we brought it up to speed. There are a few things which I would like to briefly discuss today. Firstly of course we have the recent Minecraft updates, followed by some news on our up and coming IRC network, t-shirts (and lack thereof), a shiny new forum theme on its way, and a new member joining the Spigot team.

Since before Minecon, the community has been abuzz with activity, largely a result of the Minecraft 1.7 update. We started out planning not to offer our usual protocol build, however, due to the sheer amount of demand, we ended up doing so, getting it out in exactly 24 hours after Mojang’s release. This build proved to be extremely beneficial for server owners all around the world, and we are incredibly pleased with how stable we got it in the coming weeks. The BungeeCord and Spigot proper updates were also a great success, both being delivered in very short turnarounds, and we thank you for your support in helping us get these builds out, as well as ensuring they remain bug free. If you do encounter any bugs at all, feel free to post them on the respective issue trackers.

The stability of the above builds, especially with regards to the new chat system, would be non existent if it weren’t for the contributions of one person in particular. Coming from a strong background within the Minecraft reverse engineering community, and author of many third party tools, including the Netherrack Minecraft server, written in Golang, we welcome Thinkofdeath to the Spigot team. We ask that you give him a warm welcome! You will be seeing lots of his contributions in the near future. He is also currently working on a new chat API for BungeeCord.

On a sour note now, we thought we would have our t-shirts shipped and delivered within the week after Minecon, however whilst at Minecon, we ended up selling them...
Greetings Spigot Community,

Firstly my apologies for the downtime earlier yesterday, it was due to factors outside our control (mostly issues with the VPSs involved). This should all be cleared up by now.
Minecon is rolling along fast, and we need to get our butts into gear. As part of this there are two items that need to be addressed today.

First up; T-Shirts. As you can see below, we have a lovely T-Shirt design courtesy of our very own vemacs. This design will be printed on the front of high quality black cotton tees, and they are available for anyone to order. Due to time constraints we cannot guarantee a shipment date, however, we will have them as soon as possible. The sizes which you can order are: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Each shirt will cost $10 - if you wish to pick it up at Minecon, otherwise there will be a $10 surcharge for postage within the US, and a $15 surcharge for international postage. You may order these shirts using our (basic) order form here:


Second, we are in dire need of a graphics designer to help us produce a leaflet / brochure for Minecon. This will be a glossy, half page, double sided handout showcasing all that SpigotMC, and subsequently BungeeCord and Spigot have to offer. If you are interested in producing such an item please contact md_5 ASAP. There will be payment for this, however deadlines are short.

Finally, the first major 1.7 snapshots are starting to roll in. As part of this we are busily working away at updating BungeeCord, and there have been thousands of lines of code changed so far (over 4,500 to be exact). We have just recently reached a state where BungeeCord is now working again, although some necessities such as 1.6.4 compat are absent. All this major work does however mean that 1.6 Bungee builds will be restricted to important bug fixes, so please bear with us whilst we focus on...
It’s been a week and a half since we have opened the Spigot project up to donations and we must say, the support we have seen from our community and supporters has been astonishing. During these past two weeks we have also added some new features to Spigot and BungeeCord. One of the major features in Spigot is support for the latest snapshots, however this has been temporarily disabled until the next snapshot due to Mojang accidentally introducing an authentication exploit. Work was also started on native cipher support for BungeeCord, and we should be seeing that code being introduced soon. As well the final designs for Spigot T-shirts are currently being reviewed, and we will be opening to orders soon. We anticipate each shirt will cost about $10, with about $5 extra for US postage, and $10 extra for anywhere else in the world. We will keep you posted once we have decided on the design and pricing.

Donations have been going great, and we thank everyone who has contributed money so far, however we are still only just over halfway towards our Minecon funding goal, meaning we still need nearly $1000 to reach our goal and almost all the donations we have received so far were in the first few days. As mentioned in the original post we were working towards forum ranks to recognise the contributions of individuals to the project. To this effect I am pleased to announce the following major donation ranks, and those who have received each of them.

Patron - $500
Benefactor - $250
Supporter - $100
Everyone who donates enough to total one of the above ranks, will receive a shiny forum badge similar to what us staff and developers already wear, to show...