As part of out continued goal to provide the community with the best possible services, we will be having some scheduled downtime tomorrow night.
During this downtime, the only service expected to be affected is Jenkins. The works are expected to take no longer than 1 hour. During this hour we will be migrating Jenkins to our new dedicated server, resulting in faster build and response times for all.

Over the last few days we have been migrating other services to this server including our IRC bouncers and Maven repositories. The transition to a more powerful system will allow us to provide more goodies for everyone, including the private GIT repo hosting. A number of you have expressed interest in this, and it will be set up shortly.

If you have any issues, or would like live status updates, feel free to chat with us:

Thanks as always!
~Spigot Team
8% of servers use Spigot
28% of minecrafters play on Spigot servers
95% of awesome server owners use Spigot * results may vary

We are nearing the one year anniversary of Spigot, and boy oh boy have we come a long way since then. In approaching this milestone in our development, I think now would be a great time to look back on all the great things which we have done, and all the great things which we have planned for server owners, developers and players into the future. This post serves to outline where we wish to go in the future, and to garner community feedback on the various options and ideas that we have available to us.

Current Development
Our current development focus is code cleanup, stability and configuration. We have chosen this goal as most of the core Spigot team will be dealing with mid year / final exams over the next few months, and development time is limited. By the time we are done, I anticipate that we will have achieved a few outcomes. Namely that each Spigot change will be in its own, standalone patch, and that all configuration options will be moved to spigot.yml. The spigot.yml file, is a file to which we will be slowly phasing in to cover all Spigot specific options. In this file you will be able to configure any setting specific to Spigot, enabling easier segregation between Spigot and Bukkit features.

Move to MCP
One thing that has been holding us up in the rapid and stable development of Spigot, has been relying on CraftBukkit code, and obfuscation mappings produced by the Bukkit team. Whilst we thank them for all their hard work, the core team has decided that at the end of Q2 this year (hopefully before / just after 1.6), we will be phasing out the use of mc-dev as the base for all our patches. Doing this, and still retaining 100% binary compatibility with all NMS using plugins is no small feat, however thanks to the development of two fantastic tools (SpecialSource by md_5 & agaricus, and Srg2Source...
Quick Info
It has now been two weeks since the release of Minecraft 1.5, and a week since the release of 1.5.1. There is no question that Spigot has been in a hive of development activity in these last weeks, both from our own patches, and upstream CraftBukkit changes. We now feel it is time to recommend one of our builds for general availability to all server admins and game server providers. For this promotion we have selected the following build: #735, as it contains a number of critical exploit fixes, and we believe it to be the most stable and efficient Spigot build at this point. As with all this rapid development, there have been too many changes to count, however some highlights which may interest you guys include.
  • Update to Minecraft 1.5.1
  • Ability to customize orebfuscated blocks
  • Major performance improvements with map rendering
  • Allow BungeeCord to pass the players real IP to the server
  • More checks to ensure plugins cannot accidentally crash the server
  • Entity tracking ranges to reduce the distance at which entities are sent to the client
(to gloss over the full changes, see:

We, the Spigot team, would also just like to give a big thanks to how awesome you guys have been over these last few weeks, it was absolutely amazing for all of us to see over 200 of you in our IRC channel when 1.5 came out.

PS: You can chat with us on IRC @ (#spigot, or on TeamSpeak 3 @

PPS: Remember to report all bugs you encounter in our IRC, or bug reporting forum sections, and not elsewhere (with the exception of plugin faults). Ensure that you are running the latest builds of your plugins and Spigot to...
Recommended Build Info:
Build Number: 617
Download Page:

Minecraft 1.5 is probably going to hit this Thursday, and we need to be prepared.
As you are probably well aware, development here at Spigot has been a hive of activity, and we are pleased to announce our second 1.4.7 recommended build.
There have honestly been so many commits that I can't summarise exactly what changed, however this will be our first recommended build with Netty support integrated!

Additionally in order to ensure 0 downtime for your server when 1.5 hits, we have included a snapshot-protocol option in the configuration. When enabled, this will make your server appear to be a server running the latest Minecraft snapshot build (in this case 1.5). It will not allow any new features to be used, but will be safe and stable from all crashes.
You may read about configuration options here:

All the best, and good luck with 1.5!

~Spigot Team

PS: Join our new TeamSpeak 3 server at
We are proud to announce that Spigot now has a Teamspeak Server!
It is hoped that this server will be valuable in providing support, discussion, and just hanging out with other members of the community.

Teamspeak is a VOIP program that can be used to communicate with others - in particular, our community!

Please make sure to keep all conversations relatively civilized and polite - this server isn't for raging.

I have been put in charge of managing this server so if you want a new channel added, have a concern or suggestion or just need someone dealt with, reply to this thread or message me privately on the forums or IRC.

Server Information:
Port: 9987 (default)

Download Teamspeak 3:

Hope to see you awesome people soon!
~Spigot Team