The Spigot Community Server is once again up and running. The server runs a recent snapshot build and is available for all members to play on.

You can play on it as you wish (survival, creative), but please make sure to respect the gameplay of others. That is if you have access to creative, don't leave valuable resources everywhere or target players in survival. Those with over 100 posts on the forums are eligible to be promoted to a rank which has access to creative. Being banned from the server will also lead to you being banned from the forums.

We are most interested in using this server to find bugs which are not present in either Spigot 1.15.2 or Vanilla snapshots. If you find any, please report them to the issue tracker linked below, after doing appropriate testing on the aforementioned versions.

The main world was generated on 20w08a and nether on 20w15a.

Configuration / Issues:

Ranks available are based on number of posts:
  • Tester = 100 posts
  • Helper = 500 posts
To request a rank, please use the rank request thread: not this one.

A short while ago Mojang released Minecraft 1.15.2 containing a couple minor bugfixes, and we have now also updated.

SpigotMC Changes & Notes
  • Update Checking: Reminder that the old update checker API was turned off. The new checker API is easier to use and faster, please see this thread.
  • API: Please do not use the ItemStack class to hold Materials that are not items (Material.isItem() == false). This is nonsensical behaviour and will not be supported in a future version.
  • Spigot: The Vanilla Server GUI has been re-added. If you do not wish to use it simply add the --nogui or nogui command line arguments.
    • To better support this the default log4j2.xml has been synced back to the Vanilla version. If you are using a custom version you will need to update yours.
  • CraftBukkit: As foreshadowed in the 1.14 thread, BuildTools will no longer build CraftBukkit by default. To compile CraftBukkit you must now use the --compile craftbukkit command line argument.
In order to get 1.15.2, simply run the latest BuildTools.
Code (Text):
java -jar BuildTools.jar
If you haven't used BuildTools to create a server jar yet, it is suggested you first read the 1.8 announcement and the additional BuildTools info thread.

BungeeCord is also updated and can be found on Jenkins.


A Note on NMS
NMS is not supported API. It has never been and never will be. Whilst we recognise that some things possible with NMS are...
Edit: All major tasks have now been completed.

This is just a quick announcement to let everyone know that we will be performing various bits of server maintenance over the coming weeks, so please don't be alarmed if a service is unavailable for a few minutes.

Most bits of maintenance are expected to be very short with downtime (hopefully) only lasting less than a minute due to server reboots.

There are however a few tasks which may take a bit longer or affect the forums and these will be announced via Twitter.

These tasks include JIRA & Stash database migration (affecting, forums operating system and PHP upgrades; Maven repository upgrades (; and hypervisor upgrades. The hypervisor upgrades in particular are a major task and will likely be staggered over a few events in the coming weeks.

As the sun rises across the globe I would like to take this time to wish the entire community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hopefully Santa has brought you everything you wished for and you all get to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Happy holidays from all the Spigot Team, and looking forward to 2020.

Our software for Minecraft 1.15.1 has been released for general usage. This is a minor update with few server changes. Accordingly the API changes are minimal and full compatibility with 1.14.x API plugins is expected. The only API changes are as follows:
  • Achievement, FlowerPot (BlockState) and NoteBlock (BlockState) classes have been removed. Plugins attempting to use these classes on 1.13.x or 1.14.x would not have worked as intended, but now they will error.
  • Several long deprecated spigot() APIs (isInvulnerable, getLocale, isUnbreakable) have been removed since they are now present in the main API.
  • Complex recipes (ie those with dynamic outputs such as armor dyeing) will now return a placeholder ComplexRecipe class, rather than a dummy ShapedRecipe.
  • Block biome information is now 3-dimensional, not just column based.
  • SnakeYAML has been updated to 1.25.
It is also a good time to point out that when seeking support from us or the community, the only supported server versions are recent CraftBukkit & Spigot 1.14.4 / 1.15.1 versions. Any other version puts you at risk of already fixed bugs, and exploits. Additionally as per the, the server software is open source and we welcome good quality code contributions, especially during this busy time.

If you are reporting a bug to JIRA, please make sure that you read the guidelines and have compared the results between Vanilla, CraftBukkit & Spigot, and also the 1.14.4 versions before reporting - this speeds up the process for us immensely.

Although upgrades from between any two version pairs are technically possible, it is recommended that all upgrades are conducted from 1.14.4. This means that you should first upgrade your world completely on 1.14.4 using the --forceUpgrade server...