Recommended Build Info:
Build Number: 617
Download Page:

Minecraft 1.5 is probably going to hit this Thursday, and we need to be prepared.
As you are probably well aware, development here at Spigot has been a hive of activity, and we are pleased to announce our second 1.4.7 recommended build.
There have honestly been so many commits that I can't summarise exactly what changed, however this will be our first recommended build with Netty support integrated!

Additionally in order to ensure 0 downtime for your server when 1.5 hits, we have included a snapshot-protocol option in the configuration. When enabled, this will make your server appear to be a server running the latest Minecraft snapshot build (in this case 1.5). It will not allow any new features to be used, but will be safe and stable from all crashes.
You may read about configuration options here:

All the best, and good luck with 1.5!

~Spigot Team

PS: Join our new TeamSpeak 3 server at
We are proud to announce that Spigot now has a Teamspeak Server!
It is hoped that this server will be valuable in providing support, discussion, and just hanging out with other members of the community.

Teamspeak is a VOIP program that can be used to communicate with others - in particular, our community!

Please make sure to keep all conversations relatively civilized and polite - this server isn't for raging.

I have been put in charge of managing this server so if you want a new channel added, have a concern or suggestion or just need someone dealt with, reply to this thread or message me privately on the forums or IRC.

Server Information:
Port: 9987 (default)

Download Teamspeak 3:

Hope to see you awesome people soon!
~Spigot Team
In the interests of transparency, I would like to let you know what happened last night. We were DDOSd, and a fairly large one at that - one which our server could not cope with. The attack started at approximately 3am GMT and ended at about 11am GMT. The attack peaked at approximately 1.6gbps, or 232,311 packets per second.

EcoCityCraft also suffered a similar attack at around the same time, however we are unaware if these events are connected.

Thanks for sticking with us!
~Spigot Team
As you can see in this commit: I have rewritten the entire Minecraft network engine. Needless to say there are bugs. First read the commit message below:
Hey, its that time again, and I am quickly dropping a new recommended build so that you guys have a stable platform whilst we build out next changes.

Promoted Build: 485
Spigot Changes:
  • Enhanced timings command
  • Inbuilt anti xray
  • Fix for massive lightning storms
  • Half a dozen minor performance boosts
Bukkit Changes:
  • Entity portalling
In this next development phase, our primary goal will be the implementation of a new network engine based on Netty. This will be released very soon to our dev builds, we are just waiting for TagApi to become compatible without the use of ProtocolLib (which has already updated).
This new networking engine is a godsend as it reduces a huge amount of load on the server used for costly IO operations.

Thanks as always for supporting Spigot, we are pleased to announce that approximately 4% of CraftBukkit servers now run Spigot. A big shoutout for MCPC-Plus / Tekkit for choosing Spigot as the platform to build their server / modpack, keep spreading the word!

~Spigot Team