Good morning everyone,

Today I am pleased to announce the release of SpigotMC software for Minecraft 1.9. Over the last eight months we have put several hundred hours of work into building what you see here today, so I ask that you please just take a minute of your time to thoroughly read and appreciate this post before jumping in to update.

All builds of BungeeCord released after this post include support for both servers and clients of versions 1.8 and 1.9. Support for 1.7 has been dropped. To facilitate deployment across networks wishing to accept both 1.8 and 1.9 clients, the default and fallback server options have been replaced with an option called ‘priorities’. If a client cannot connect to a given server, Bungee will keep trying the next priority server. If you for example configure a 1.9 server as first priority and a 1.8 server as second priority, clients of both versions will be able to successfully use your network. This version of BungeeCord should be regarded as beta - although testing has been performed, it is possible there are still some minor issues with 1.9 clients.

Public releases of the Bukkit 1.9 API have been around for a while now, so there isn't really any unexpected information to provide here. The only major plugin affecting change is the rework of the Sound enum, which will affect all plugins that use this API, however this is a caveat which has been mentioned in the documentation for many years. There are also a whole heap of new APIs covering all of the new 1.9 features, but if you feel an additional API should be added, don't ask for it, please just submit a pull request and implementation. As an open source project we are dependant on code-contributions from anyone who has the possibility to do so. Thus we especially encourage all developers, especially those working for Minecraft servers to contribute and help us make...
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Edit 2: We're now looking at a Monday / Tuesday release for us, but no specific time due to proximity to Mojang release.

Edit: Mojang has delayed 1.9 until at least Monday 29th. This thread will be updated later in the week with our plans.

As most of you are no doubt aware of by now, Mojang has published Minecraft 1.9-pre1, and intends to follow through with the final 1.9 release on Thursday the 25th of February.

We intend to follow similarly and release 1.9 versions of Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot & BungeeCord at 10:00pm UTC the following day, Friday the 26th of February.

In terms of release information, everything mentioned in the old thread (apart from the date) is still very much accurate. Some additional changes not mentioned there however include a rework of the Sound and Biome enums which may affect (and break) plugins that use these APIs. A full copy of the Bukkit 1.9 API (for developers) will be pushed to git either today or tomorrow. Interested developers will have until Tuesday to review or pull request, but please note that it may be force pushed to frequently.

Versions of whatever we are currently working on will be on the public test server (as per usual), and we encourage you to give it a look and submit bug reports. Server information and details for submitting these reports are in the last announcement.

We will also be looking at some official events on TeamSpeak etc in the hours leading up to release, so check the homepage regularly for more details.

Get hyped,
~Spigot Team
This is an announcement of scheduled maintenance works on the Spigot Forums. We will be migrating the site to a new hardware and software stack, including performance improvements such as PHP 7, ElasticSearch 2.0 and other full operating system upgrades.

The current scheduled window for this is 05:00 AM UTC, Friday 5th February. It is estimated that there will be no access to the forums for a full hour after work begins, and that access or functionality may be sporadic for up to the following eight hours.

Thanks for your patience,
~Spigot Team