This is an announcement of scheduled maintenance works on the Spigot Forums. We will be migrating the site to a new hardware and software stack, including performance improvements such as PHP 7, ElasticSearch 2.0 and other full operating system upgrades.

The current scheduled window for this is 05:00 AM UTC, Friday 5th February. It is estimated that there will be no access to the forums for a full hour after work begins, and that access or functionality may be sporadic for up to the following eight hours.

Thanks for your patience,
~Spigot Team
Just a quick note to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hopefully Santa has brought you everything you wished for and you all get to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Thanks for a wonderful 2015, and we're all looking forward to an even better 2016. Until then most staff will be taking a much deserved break, so we suggest you all do the same.

Happy Holidays
~Spigot Team

We are currently trialling a ticket system to handle email requests to the forums staff. As such, now is a good time to remind everyone about how to contact staff when issues arise. In general 90% of the time it is sufficient to open a report rather than doing anything else.

When to Open a Report
  • When there is an issue with either your own content, or someone else's:
    • Message
    • Thread
    • Resource
    • Account
When to Send an Email to [email protected]
  • When you have a general question or inquiry that only staff can answer.
  • When you have been banned or cannot access your account.
When to Private Message
  • Please do not private message staff.
~Spigot Staff
Hi Everyone,

As has been indicated by Mojang’s recent update notes, Minecraft 1.9 is starting to take shape and approach the final release phase. Judging by these notes, and allowing time for pre releases etc, we estimate that it is probably about a month up until release. With this in mind, we need to give you some information and plans about the intended release path for our second major Minecraft update. We have been busily tracking snapshots as best we can since July and hope to have something out at the same time, or just after the official release of 1.9. Without knowing specific dates, the development plan continues forward as follows:

  1. Bring snapshot branches up to date with current master branch, as well as current snapshot releases.
  2. Perform testing in a similar manner to 1.8.
    1. This time the server will be community managed, and anyone is free to make changes to plugin configurations!
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 until pre-release.
  4. Update to pre-release and publish draft API.
  5. Update to official release, and release development versions of Bukkit, CraftBukkit and Spigot.
    1. API may (unlikely) be broken between here and final release.
  6. Release stable version to all BuildTools users around the time of 1.9.1.
We will also be doing some needed updates to the API, some of which will be breaking or backwards incompatible. At this point in time they include:

  • Removal of Painting*Event
    • Replaced by Hanging*Event since October 2012
  • Removal of ContainerBlock
    • Replaced by InventoryHolder since March 2012
  • Deprecate ItemInHand
    • Replaced by ItemInMainHand and ItemInOffHand
    • Defaults to ItemInMainHand
  • Remove support for non...