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  1. RoboMWM
    Basically being (and been) inactive for a week or so now. Still reading notifications but dealing with some serious issues in life RN
  2. RockinChaos
    First major commit for ItemJoin v5.0.0 is now on the Jenkins branch, please test it!
    1. RockinChaos
      Dec 11, 2018 at 4:28 AM
  3. DelltaPlay
    DelltaPlay Seefu
    Send me your discord plx
  4. LegameMc
  5. Mecha_YT
  6. C0nfig84
  7. BrettPlayMC
    BrettPlayMC MiniDigger
    Is your profile picture symbolism of you supporting open source instead of closed source? /s
    1. MiniDigger
      No, it expresses the feeling I sometimes have went talking to some ppl online: I just want to rip myself apart
      Dec 11, 2018 at 5:41 AM
  8. BlueTechnician
    BlueTechnician palmtreefever
    Thanks for giving me the link tho.
  9. BlueTechnician
  10. 1TacoPlease
    1TacoPlease Vitalbra
    Hey could you have a look at my ezrankspro config? I replied to the thread where you replied. Sorry it's just really important...
  11. NetherGoblin
    NetherGoblin RonFarkash
    10/10 Thought (Still not sure) That image was 707 (Mystic Messager)
  12. BananaPuncher714
    BananaPuncher714 Born0fMaya
    Thanks for buying Public Crafters! If you have any suggestions or features you'd like to see added, feel free to PM me!
  13. CaptainAlienHD
    CaptainAlienHD HappyPikachu
    Is there any API or a way to add like Party plugin support to the quests objectives like kill mobs or Kill MythicMobs Objective so when players are in group to get the mobs as a group and not individually
    1. HappyPikachu
  14. SheepKnapper
    SheepKnapper NetherGoblin
    Yo, we hired NetherGoblin to make us a sick plugin, and he delivered a sick plugin! I will be using his services again and definitely recommend him to anyone else looking for a Dev!
  15. Masa
    Portals are finally fixed...
  16. huuliveikko
    huuliveikko Arkasher
    can I make that ,I can pay in-game money? not xp?
  17. batistachile
    thank you, send me md Juzz0r
  18. ImIllusion
    Drinks is having an entire rewrite, maybe an option board that resets on plugin restart to save some memory would be nice
  19. ParaStyle
  20. JoeDon16
    No longer have Minecon capes