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  1. V3thos
    I'm back, by the way.
  2. PabsMG
    Join my server: :D
  3. CuriousConnor
  4. ElementDragon
  5. darwkin
    darwkin DiegoMoralesSy
    DiegoMoralesSy Me Puedes, Ayudar Con la Creacion de Un plugin, es del plugin de Destruye el nexus Pero
    version mejorada al 100% va ser Destruye el nexus pero Mejorado Tu eres El unico Developer Profesional Me Ayudas Porfa
  6. NetherGoblin
    NetherGoblin BrettPlayMC
    I just cried when i noticed Brett uses skript as a religion
  7. KubiG25
    Tomando vacaciones hasta el 28 de diciembre
  8. krityug
    NetworkManager Verification
  9. chipchippy18
  10. iscotidas
    iscotidas Mezy
    Hey, we are trying to use your UHC plugin but the game never starts, the teleport step isnt working, can u help me with this? thank u
  11. RLZ
  12. Devee8
    Devee8 kangarko
    G'day Mr Kangarko :)
    I just purchased Core and wondering how I go about downloading the 2 additional maps, I have 2 weeks holidays up my sleeve and looking forward to losing myself in it, no TV, no outings... may watch santie come down the chimney and the odd loo break!
  13. Electro2560
    Electro2560 eotjd0725
    Thank you for purchasing SchematicShop.
    If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to PM me or join the support discord!
  14. AyoungCoder
    AyoungCoder ChimpGamer
    hey, zag net dat jij networkmanager had gemaakt dus ik wilde ffe hoi zeggen :P
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    2. ChimpGamer
      oh oke, hoi! xD
      Dec 16, 2018 at 9:04 PM
  15. Cyberman
  16. bolleboor
    Browsing around, you know.
  17. DevilsAdvocate
    DevilsAdvocate isokissa3
    hi, console command on entry/exit, and command on entry/exit are not working for me. how do i fix this??
  18. BemLo
    I am one of the best programmers in Russia in 14-16 y.o.
  19. Rhander
    Rhander UlrichBR
    kkkk, iae man
    1. UlrichBR
      E aĆ­ blz
      Dec 16, 2018 at 7:57 PM
  20. lovejw2
    lovejw2 ArvinCiu