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  1. Cervinakuy
    Cervinakuy NojoLP
    What happened to BungeeServerManager? It is such a great plugin but needs more updates :c
  2. En_0t_S
    En_0t_S Marcely99
    Hey! Are you alive there?
  3. maik200
    maik200 MrFishCakes
    Hello, I write for the second time. When will all versions be supported?
  4. SSRankVvV
  5. GrahamovyRozek
    No problem its cool plugin :) you will be adding more items to plugin in future? :) or its in final? :D
  6. ValidHQ
    ValidHQ chris125
    chris125, the plugin hasn't been working
  7. Hexiqon
    Bringing new expertise and innovation to the market.
  8. Joelbaars12
  9. Joelbaars12
  10. Joelbaars12
  11. IsHarilloX
    IsHarilloX KubiG25
    El evento runner se bugea

    Cuando termina la partida del evento runner y entras nuevamente se quitan los bloques estando en el wait.
    1. KubiG25
      Ya lo estoy solucionando
      Feb 17, 2019 at 11:19 PM
  12. Rhander
  13. BraveBurst
  14. pompiere1
  15. Ome_R
  16. Joelbaars12
  17. Ome_R
  18. Reed2772
  19. Amorvius
    •● LEUTE!!!!! » Das ReportSystem ist draußen checkt es einfach mal ab ich finde es » MEGA!!! Viel Spaß damit!
  20. MineTownMC
    Wir suchen noch nach neuen Developern. Wer Interesse hat einfach per E-Mail melden. E-Mail: [email protected]
    1. MineTownMC
      Feb 17, 2019 at 8:25 PM