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  1. AmirehGamer
    AmirehGamer MiniDigger
    When are you gonna fix your shift key? xD
  2. ItsThatGamer
    ItsThatGamer GC.
    Could I get a reply to my DM please? :)
    1. GC.
      Use discord server for help
      Feb 21, 2019 at 6:25 PM
  3. EXSkillYT
  4. JarFiles
    JarFiles BlackGamer000
    Someone here? c:
    1. BlackGamer000
      Ehhh, pong
      Feb 21, 2019 at 5:21 PM
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  5. JarFiles
    JarFiles Maximvdw
    Can't wait for ArcadeBoard :c
  6. DaBunneh
    I now have access to my account after losing it for around a month - progress will be as normal now :)
    NEZNAMY Hymmo
    You have misclicked when setting your birth date and it shows 20 years more than your actual age.
  8. Jonsxoxo
  9. Darkstar2508
  10. IAMokashi
    We are Offering Affordable and Low Cost IVF Treatment with High Success Rates. We Charge 1.5 lakh INR For IVF Treatment.
  11. BlizzardHD
    Look for the Update :) There is a Image of the Webinterface.
  12. QuikMiner
    QuikMiner AmauryPi
    Are you going to come back maybe this summer? :p
  13. GreenMasks
    GreenMasks Maximvdw
    I have all the required needs but i can't make ANIMATEDNAMES work , how can i make it read directly the ranks that i have in permisonsex ?

    This is how it looks right now:
  14. DifferentCraft
    DifferentCraft Fighter2000
  15. Dani123128GG
    Dani123128GG JairoGamer_YT
    ┬┐Que intentas subiendo mi plugin? Si no lo retiras procedere a reportarte
  16. KADIKA661
  17. chris125
    chris125 TechCode
    Your spigot name is literally the same as another user's on spigot except without an "s" after "tech"
  18. Auzze
  19. 123gey123
    123gey123 NoHacksJustUrDad
    Kind & Helpful developer, friendly & would recommend it for other.
    He helped alot on my server <3
  20. ProZajPete