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  1. Buctudonto
  2. YourTypical
  3. manofthemonkey
  4. smeths
    smeths Szort
    Thanks for using BandageCraft/MedCraft and much loves for the follow
  5. Edude42
    // Edude42's Spigot.
  6. iCaitlyn
    iCaitlyn Benz56
    What is this "Lombot"?
    1. Benz56
      Project Lombok*

      “Project Lombok is a java library that automatically plugs into your editor and build tools, spicing up your java.” -

      Basically it results in cleaner and less verbose code.
      Jun 16, 2019 at 6:13 AM
  7. Bombasts
    Bombasts WhispTheFox
    Can your plugin replace MultiVerse? If I remove multiverse and use this will all my worlds still work? Because my players cannot use the nether or end when I use MV in 1.14 and that’s a problem
  8. Daniel_743
    Daniel_743 PainDeMie
    Good Guy. Makes simple plugins rn but I think he will do good in the future!
  9. AnyBody
  10. LeonardZ
    Working on a KitMap server
  11. GoodHearted
  12. Addfire9
  13. 1vomarek1
    Currently I'm having problems with 1.14 veraions of JoinMessagesGUI. I'm sorry to everyone who is using 1.14 PM me on discord for dev build.
  14. 1vomarek1
    I finaly added 1.8 support for JoinMessagesGUI back
  15. MCMarter
    MCMarter _Anglis
    Hey there, thanks for buying Level Pets, do you have discord?
  16. Miss_Wafffidooe
    Miss_Wafffidooe ItsPat
    Hey, why did you delete your video tutorial for the ProSurvivalGames plugin? (I'd love to see a new one)
  17. thistoy
  18. iAgus3
    iAgus3 ericgolde555
    Can you update CorpseReborn to 1.14?
    XCODEMC JasperJH
    Hey JasperJH, I downloaded your AnimatedScoreboard plugin for my 1.12.2 spigot server... One problem is that, my console is getting spammed with warnings, did I do something wrong or is it something I need to fix in the config? I'm running my server with
  20. xNathanz