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  1. R5ch4rd
    NetworkManager Verification
  2. HexedHero
  3. Roman_Danko
    Roman_Danko enly1
    кто прочитал тот сдохнет =)
  4. earthfinder
    earthfinder Wazup92
    Would Lib's Disguises(premium) plugin work with hideandseek plugin, or your hideandseek plugin is not 1.14 compatible yet?
  5. Edwardo
  6. HexedHero
    HexedHero froobynooby
    Your a god sent for the two plugins you've posted.
  7. BrianBot
    BrianBot FearPVP
  8. SuperClever
  9. untuned
    untuned konsolas
    What's your profile picture supposed to be?
  10. thetuto26
    thetuto26 Abcik
    Man seriously answer please I have to open my server
  11. eickmung
    eickmung Wazup92
    Can you check the skype?
    1. Wazup92
      I will in few hours hopefully
      Jul 21, 2019 at 4:09 PM
      eickmung likes this.
    2. eickmung
      Ok. i will wait.
      Jul 21, 2019 at 4:10 PM
  12. Douchebag
    fucking douchebags...all of them
  13. PpGyuri
    PpGyuri Konfigbacsi00
    Szia! Van Discord elérhetőséged?
  14. Flirtey
  15. Dakim21
    Dakim21 Wazup92
    I dont need use my own plugin but we need to have option to more customize the scoreboard
  16. Dakim21
    Dakim21 Wazup92
    We are using the newest papi also the newest kb and our server is on 1.12. And yes i had this issue also with older papi and also with older versions of your plugin. But in skywars it works. Our setting
  17. PepemanuYT
    PepemanuYT GCNT
    Another thing, the elo starts automatically in 1500, and I want it to start in 1000, how do I do that?
    1. GCNT
      Not possible, but we will add it. Make sure to request it in our Discord to make it noticed by the system
      Jul 21, 2019 at 1:31 PM
  18. DerOlli
    Angeschossen Verification
  19. No_Ball
    No_Ball Noble Pro
    Noble Pro, вы не могли бы помочь мне?
  20. PlusTube
    PlusTube Lertu