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  1. Gober
    Gober Onenrico
    Are you the love of my life?
  2. Benpro23
    Benpro23 PiggyPiglet
    Absolutely amazing developer. I got some plugins updated by him and they worked very well. The plugins were sent to me in optimal time and I would recommend him to anyone.
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  3. PB_Maicol
    PB_Maicol hornta
    Hello, you plan to add coordinates to the messages in your Wild plugin, it would be very useful, regards
  4. PB_Maicol
    PB_Maicol Ullrimax
    Hello, you plan to add coordinates to the messages in your RandomTeleport plugin, it would be very useful, regards
  5. luffy1025
    luffy1025 Lolimi
    hi i need your support

    can you see the discord?
  6. iSach
    iSach Tech_Bot_7
    Poor little boy. :(
    1. iSach
      You’re the only person reporting me as hating the community. If I hated it so much, why would I have spent hundreds of hours working for free? You’re the one hating on my project and on me.

      I gladly help any user on the Discord when I can. I just hate when people report in the reviews instead of reporting on GitHub and contacting me on discord.
      Sep 18, 2019 at 7:30 AM
    2. iSach
      And as I said, I’ve got a busy life (60 hours a week working) so I can’t read every message, that’s why there’s a discord so people can help each other. If the problem is big, GitHub is the first solution, you should do that even before opening the Discord. Another solution is to directly contact me by tagging, I will almost always answer. spigot DMs are also open.
      Sep 18, 2019 at 7:30 AM
    3. iSach
      Anyway, as you found your alternative, why do you keep insisting on my trash plugin and putting it down?

      I hate this kind of "debate". it’s a loss of time for both you and me. But I just want to make things clear. I act nicely with people who show a bit of respect for my work and towards me. I don’t see why I would pay respect if I don’t get any?
      Sep 18, 2019 at 7:30 AM
  7. 1vomarek1
    JoinMessagesGUI v2.1.1 is out! Lot of bugs have been fixed & Priority system was edited littlebit.
  8. MCMarter
    MCMarter FroZiYT
    Thanks for buying Mines, if you have discord leave it below.
  9. KubiG25
    Working in mysql
  10. darwkin
    darwkin Maximiliano
    max puedes aactulizar tu plugin de destruye el nexus
  11. austin4195
  12. SoulStriker_
  13. samuelparish
  14. DaemanSpawn
    DaemanSpawn Black_Lottus
    Привет, когда будет добавлена возможность использовать /clan home?
    Извини за русский язык, плохо знаю английский)
    p.s Is russian lang ^_^
    1. Black_Lottus
      Sep 18, 2019 at 9:20 AM
  15. Blacklyte
  16. Blacklyte
  17. AnyBody
  18. Joeyzucchini
  19. Zaphopper
  20. thezet
    thezet Daanisaanwezig
    Hi, could you add a list of warp points command to Teleporter /listwarp, or something that would list the warp points?