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    EpicWorldGenerator verification: 113424237091446784
  3. TheAleDL123
  4. TheJavaHacker
    TheJavaHacker ShaneBee
    Bro if I could react to shit, I'd so be rating your posts in the Spigot pricing thread.
    1. TheJavaHacker
      Positively, I might add.
      Sep 19, 2019 at 10:07 PM
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    2. ShaneBee
      Well thanks :) Its glad to hear other people understand this topic. So many devs think their tiny plugins are worth a butt load of money. Spoiler Alert: They're not ;) haha
      Sep 19, 2019 at 10:21 PM
  5. PlumpFeline
    Hi everyone! :D
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  6. doitcmf
    doitcmf ishc3ice
    User blocks me after we have a complication with another project I hired him for. Now I have no way to contact him to fix the plugin he previously made me, the plugin is basically garbage now. DNDW
  7. Splodgebox
    Splodgebox NoopyyGaming
    You are really rude. Honestly, hate people like you.
    Ignore me as much as you want when I'm just trying to be nice.
  8. PB_Maicol
    PB_Maicol crysis992
    RegionGUI: There will be some other method to edit the templates that is not in the game, it is really slow to do this if you have many templates, it would be great if the file could be edited directly (currently it cannot be edited because doing so and reloading the plugin only the old template configuration is loaded) as well as edit the number of spaces of / land, and the place that each template will occupy
  9. MrDienns
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    2. LegendEffects
      Wow, who made that? Seems like they did a really good job and had a fast response time of 5 seconds!
      Sep 19, 2019 at 8:12 PM
  10. MrDienns
    MrDienns ShaneBee
    you're throwing out ratings like it's water from the tab
    1. ShaneBee
      My ratings are all honest. I want to reply so bad, but I Know ill flip my shit and get a warning haha.
      Sep 19, 2019 at 7:41 PM
  11. lelesape
    Just released my second plugin, pretty proud of both my plugins actually
  12. Magarathin
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  14. Pelfect2
    Pelfect2 UraharaNZ
    Hola uraharaNz esto interesado en el plugin DynamicBungeeAuth, mi pregunta es sobre
    tengo actualmente el authme, pero me gustaria migrar los datos este plugin, se puede hacer eso o tienen que generar los registros nuevamente?
  15. MrDienns
    MrDienns Puremin0rez
    might as well rate ban the guy while we're at it, this probably falls under abuse;

    even dead serious replies like my last one, which included mostly positive feedback, got funny'd
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  18. Agriosz
    Agriosz MRI
    Hello. I read your answer. I also want Console to be able to run a command infinitely at adjustable intervals. Just like the RUN_COMMAND_TASK command type.
  19. Muertecita
  20. PreciseKill
    PreciseKill 3rc
    very immature, at the slight chance someone annoys him he becomes annoying, toxic, and likes to use his discord to witch hunt!

    Commented “likes to eat dick” on my profile, so there’s your proof