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  1. SpecterSix
    SpecterSix Wazup92
    i sent u an email, wrote u private and u don't answered me.. i bought hideandseek twice because i tought that the first pay was not given
    i wanna have one amount back and the plgin because i bought it

    paypal: oliver matter
    plugin: hide and seek
  2. Sliver
  3. shell
    shell Blackixx
    builder open shop click There is delay.
    admin No delay
    I tried take ALL Permission
    It still doesn't work
  4. HotDoctor
    HotDoctor LePtitYosh
    Thanks for buying UltraMagicHeads
    If you have questions you can send me a Discord Message for Support
  5. xenoxt
    xenoxt GCNT
    I join to the giveaway of Additions+
    that plugin have features really aweome that i really want to try!
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  6. Joncen
    Joncen Phloxz
    Hey ich habe dein Clan plugin für meinen MC Server gedownloadet. Wir sind auch hochgradig zufrieden damit, leider lassen sich komischerweise die permissions nicht umstellen, bzw wenn ich "PermissionEnabled: true" einstelle, den Spielern die jeweiligen permission gebe, den Server neustarte kann trotzdem bspw. ein Stammspieler der die folgenden rechte hat: /clan invite NAME diese permission trotzdem nicht benutzen.
  7. Ahmedwalmoh
  8. Ahmedwalmoh
    No devolper wants to help me.
  9. Ahmedwalmoh
  10. KubiG25
  11. Ahmedwalmoh
  12. Ahmedwalmoh
  13. MMOGaming
    MMO Gaming Community
  14. perfectly15
  15. Auxdible
    New update for my recourse, Poof! go check it out.
  16. Vittorioil
  17. Odisseum
    Odisseum Vouchs
    how i can add a data in a item of PremiumHub?
    example id:160:7 material STAINED_GLASS_PANE... how i can add ID..
  18. j19mes
    Owner | Play.BumbleCraft.Net
  19. shotcraft3x
    shotcraft3x PikaMug
  20. Streampy
    Working on CCTV v2, a better edition of my existing CCTV plugin.