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  1. NextGeneric
    NextGeneric Alex0Plays
    Я ТЕбя нашел!Быстро слил BedWars с када, или я расскажу, что ты дрочишь!
  2. ReverendJesus
    ReverendJesus minelazz
    I am absolutely ready to buy this, with the EN generator, right now -- but my server uses Bukkit plugins that are integral to the flavor of the place (especially the TARDIS plugin), and I can't do without them. Is it at all possible to create a world (probably locally, on my computer), and import to multiverse on CraftBukkit1.12.2 server?
  3. JDuhb
  4. JDuhb
  5. JDuhb
  6. Elguerrero
    Elguerrero FelipeFonseca
    eyy,si crearas un plugin de uhc con multiarena serias el puto amo,lo sabes no?,si lo hicieras multiarena y bueno tela.
  7. TrapRecords
    TrapRecords DomeDD
    Can you try get Nick plugin to work with 1.7? I've got a idea for my server please DM me
  8. Mr_Lucky
  9. Wesmos
    Wesmos OasisArtisan
    Great guy, helped me went no one else could!
    1. OasisArtisan
      Thanks for the kind words :)
      Nov 18, 2017 at 6:16 PM
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  10. CodeCo
    Update your status...
  11. AnyBody
    AnyBody MouXin
    Thank you for purchasing AdvancedAbilities, if you have an error or issue contact me!
  12. AnyBody
    AnyBody djneketos
    Thank you for purchasing AdvancedAbilities, if you have an error or issue contact me!
  13. Gianluca
    Gianluca danjb2000
    Happy Christmas to you too
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  14. passwords
    passwords Wazup92
    hi Wazup92, how to add lapis in kits (skywar)
  15. SuckCraftPvP123
  16. GeorgeDimitrov
    GeorgeDimitrov funnycube
    Hey man why i am banned from your discord server even i didn't done anything my discord is GeorgiKappa
  17. superbrian12
    superbrian12 dino14
    I don't think your server is blacklisted i can litterly join using your domain ~ CustomEnchants
    1. dino14
      I use that bypass...also cosmicpvp is blacklisted and they use that bypass...mojang litterly doesn't respond to use so primemc, cosmicpvp, guildcraft, etc we just bypass their blacklist..
      Nov 18, 2017 at 4:01 PM
  18. Xiaxiaomo
    Xiaxiaomo ImErkal_
  19. ASAP
  20. xDlollololooBx
    xDlollololooBx logiZockt
    Heyy Hooo,

    Du hast gesagt, dass man die Server-IP schicken soll.


    Dein Maxi
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    2. logiZockt
      Danke :) , solltest du das System anders haben wollen , kannst du mir gerne Details schicken :)
      Nov 18, 2017 at 5:14 PM