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  1. KohmannscheHD
    KohmannscheHD md_5
    Hello i have a question because my server (Bungeecord) doesnt work.
  2. Lazo
    Lazo xXJuanSlaterTXx
    Hey juan, I would like to ask your discord id if you're using it :)
    1. xXJuanSlaterTXx
      I dont use :P xDD
      Feb 22, 2018 at 4:41 PM
  3. DinPro
    Unfortunantely I'm not playing minecraft anymore :/ so this is just another dead, inactive account!
  4. Siaco
  5. thobias
  6. TheS8921155
    TheS8921155 Twyzl
    Are you still alive?
  7. legofreak107
    legofreak107 Blooby
    Awesome guy, friendly, Patient and definatly respects developers!
  8. TheSpyguy16
    Anyone wondering where I am. I have been working on my server lately and less coding. But I will get them updated some time
  9. Aderm
    Aderm Songoda
    a new supporter or have you been inactive
    1. Songoda
      I’m just not usually active in the forums
      Feb 22, 2018 at 4:16 PM
    2. Aderm
      ah, okay
      Feb 22, 2018 at 4:45 PM
  10. MrDienns
    MrDienns BrettPlayMC
    winner winner winner winner winner winner winner
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  11. Antonio01234
    Antonio01234 Cervinakuy
    Hey, can you fix the time respawn because it work only 5 second? And there are more two error, You can't use external kits and the lore Fighter and the Archer it are equal and you can't change it.
  12. LagBug
    Currently working on some SmashOrPass features and a new plugin called Straflit! Stay tuned!
  13. KamThail
    KamThail patricianko
    I like your ANTIKILLAURA plugin!

    You can add a custom command when a player hits an NPC!
  14. Alex32979
  15. Alex32979
  16. herrozonia
  17. JMilneD
  18. Nikl
  19. Mangifera
    Mangifera pixar02
    There is a problem with your plugin
    Yes, my friend's server installed your plugin without generating a configuration file
    His server version: 1.7.10
    The core of the server is Thermos
  20. Mangifera