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  1. Sleaky
    Sleaky Raticate
    Hey, do you have discord to talk on? I need to talk to you
  2. XxrogerxX
    XxrogerxX walrusone
    You can add Events, like a refill and end of game? :P
  3. XxrogerxX
  4. EventMultiplier
  5. Vouchs
    I'm currently updating PremiumHub (Last, recode ever. MySql and such things will be added.)
  6. HeavenCrafter
    HeavenCrafter HotChocolate
    Hey HotChocolate, are you still work on on the robbery plugin? If so, I have a few suggestions for it!

    Reply if alive still, I really do like the plugin, it is a huge feature in my GTA server!
  7. Fluffy_Roll
  8. Fluffy_Roll
  9. Fluffy_Roll
    Tech 8$!%dwX94hUeCv9%
  10. Fluffy_Roll
    Tech 8$!%dwX94hUeCv9%
  11. BTC1216
  12. Towon
    Towon HappyPikachu
    Hey, can you update Quests on Bukkit to 1.12.2? My friend doesn't know how to change his server from Bukkit to Spigot
  13. legofreak107
    Currently recoding RollerCoasters! Should be up in 3 a 4 days!
  14. ArvinCiu
    Making reputation+ support bungeecord ^^
  15. Her3sy
  16. Sebbikul
    Sebbikul taylory5
    Can I get the config file?
  17. xfil
    xfil N0RSKA
    A scamer developer with poor work. He charges alot for hes trash work and at the end he didnt support the problems that hes work did. If you wish to have a smoth and good experience running a server. Do NOT use this guy. I was lucky to win a charge back dispute and some of you might not be as lucky
  18. Denyck
    Pós-Graduado na vida pela instituição de ensino: Netflix Inc.
  19. KCVault
  20. diamondpixel
    diamondpixel Minecrell
    Does ServerListPlus support custom placeholders?
    1. Minecrell
      Feb 24, 2018 at 6:21 PM
    2. diamondpixel
      For example My plugin has a placeholder that Was Made With PlaceHolderAPI. Can ServerListPlus read that placeholder?
      Feb 24, 2018 at 6:55 PM
    3. Minecrell
      Right now PlaceholderAPI is not supported. This was mostly because I thought it always requires a Player instance (and we don't have one if the client pings the server), but it seems like it's possible to pass null as a player. I might add support for it sometime later.

      For now, you could just use the API I linked above to make the placeholder available to SLP.
      Feb 24, 2018 at 8:07 PM