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  1. v_lee02
  2. peytonfultz
    New stuff coming soon!
  3. AlphaCrafted
    AlphaCrafted ZyrkRan
    Hello could you please PM me
  4. asljkfhabg
    asljkfhabg LK520
  5. KnifeKat
    KnifeKat BlueYoshi68
  6. ItzSomebody
  7. Thatsmusic99
  8. PCinTheBox
    PCinTheBox DarkSeraphim
    This guy is the best user.
  9. fishy_ydrib
    fishy_ydrib kvq
    I am using the super trails plugin and particle effects (and wings) don't work. Do I need a separate plugin? help
  10. ION2
    My Name's Onto I am Developer Skript for Minecraft server
  11. Yxmqx
    Yxmqx GorlyDJY
  12. BananaPuncher714
    BananaPuncher714 Ryael
    Thanks for buying Cartographer! If you have any suggestions or features you'd like to see added, feel free to PM me!
  13. nohaxsallskills
    nohaxsallskills Sataniel
    Why dont placeholders for factionsone work for featherboard if they do what are they?
  14. RafricOFC
    No one know, no one would care, so im gonna eat some donnots
  15. _Sizzlee
    _Sizzlee Maximvdw
    Can I still download Featherboard? Can I get a version working on 1.12.2?
  16. chrismin1302
    chrismin1302 imhandmade
    Thank you for purchasing my plugin, Vanilla Additions! If you ever need any help, you can ask on the Discussion in the Vanilla Additions Page or on the Discord Server:
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  17. Juanzoo
    Recoding skript HostUHC. :)
  18. Alejandro12120
    Alejandro12120 Ajneb97
    Me encantan tus plugins :D. Sigue así.
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  19. HoLiSchit
    Dream big, do little
  20. Thatsmusic99
    I may need a break from developing for a bit. Just got hit with the news that a friend is terminally ill and don't know how to react.