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  1. __Hope__
    Administrator @ MineSuperior Network
  2. JG74
  3. BBoyJD10
    BBoyJD10 BadBones69
    Any news on crazycrates 1.13 there is a hotfix already on github just needs to be merged!
  4. Peebbong
    Peebbong zThana
    SkyFall Resources Deleted. Why?
  5. Im2Epic4U
    Im2Epic4U WheezyGold7931
    Will you ever update MP Core again?
  6. FlailoftheLord
    FlailoftheLord Drkmaster83
    dis boi good, have a cake!
  7. HeavenCrafter
    HeavenCrafter Marido
    from fbi spying on me to driving a fucking bmw

    the tides have turned
  8. Ghostblasters
    Ghostblasters BrettPlayMC
    Bud that message farm you’ve got going on here haha.
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    2. BrettPlayMC
      Sep 18, 2018 at 9:52 PM
  9. Frivec
    French and amator developper
  10. FalconSeeker
    FalconSeeker 2008Choco
    @2008Choco I have a question: how long will it take for my resource to be reviewed? It has been a week I am afraid that I have done something wrong. Do I need to reupload the resource?
  11. zJerino.
  12. MrDienns
    MrDienns TheJayZ
    your bacon looked like a burnt snake
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    2. TheJayZ
      your lasagna looked brighter than your future.
      Sep 18, 2018 at 9:38 PM
  13. lordfulger
    Owner of the ETO MC Server.
  14. Just_Do_It_Jetzt
  15. Perotin
    Taking a break for a little bit to fix me as a person. Plugins will be updated when I come back.
  16. HowToSkript
    Ich arbeite grade an ein Admin Shop skiipt!
  17. Marcel_Dutko
  18. droei
    Well i started my study’s in network management and developing and I must say I got a headache cause I didn’t sleep for the first time
    1. droei
      not like I had the chance to sleep
      Sep 18, 2018 at 4:48 PM
  19. DarkGhostTR67
    DarkGhostTR67 TheRealDan
    Hey can u DM purpel#7665 in discord? i can't dm you because of clyde.
  20. Zmzlek
    Hi! I'm ByyLafe I know I have a strange name on this site but don't worry I know how to create things and I'd like you to share his things!