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  1. SSC360
    SSC360 Portal - SSC Online Updates, Govt Jobs News
  2. IanBondoc
    IanBondoc RoboMWM
    Hey, I need help with your CustomItemRecipes plugin, when using /crecipes, I have no idea what to do once i place all the items on the crafting grid. Should I just press E again to leave the screen and it'll register? I tried that and tried to craft the custom item but nothing happened.
  3. gracieskysoar
    I do the Minermans! But i dont do any Minermans. Dont be a FuckBoi <3
  4. Dyn4micUniverse
    Dyn4micUniverse Kozs
    Regarding plugin development: Completed my plugin request fast, allowed me to test it also. Great service!
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  5. YoelGamerYT
  6. fantasticbaby44
    fantasticbaby44 dexter78
    About your post on venture chat. "This plugin requires Vault, ProtocolLib and PlaceholderAPI to be installed. VentureChat does NOT work with EssentialsChat, please ensure that you do not have EssentialsChat installed." It works perfectly fine. If you don't know how to run a server let alone to set up the easiest plugin in the world maybe you shouldn't be trying to make a server ya know?
  7. Demeng7215
    Demeng7215 snadol
    Lmao, your profile picture is almost the same as my Halloween one :D
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    2. snadol
      Yeah it’s weird my pfp is so close to like ten people I know
      Oct 16, 2018 at 3:16 AM
  8. ASMaster
    Just uploaded my first official plugin "AFactionStrike" that allows you to give factions strikes and to check how much they have and why
  9. BrunoAvixdubSB
    BrunoAvixdubSB Degoos
    Hola yo tengo comprado el plugin de Eggwars de gaelito y me dijeron que pidiera que me actives el plugin se puede cualquier cosa PM
  10. Dark_Rex
    Was looking into this host, wonder if anyone knew much about it. Or if they had any suggestions of a host?
  11. Kyrix
    Kyrix Blutkrone
    Was wondering how you managed to center all lore, relative to it's surroundings.
  12. Dakir
    Dakir Ay0Redstone
    Thank you for purchasing SupportChat!
    If you have any questions about the plugin, feel free to send me a message :)
  13. FjzzianCZ
    Error 404 i am not Fjizian but Fizzian!!!!
  14. DieuGlowZ
  15. MrDienns
    MrDienns 2008Choco
    Weren't you working on a pathfinder API addition to Spigot? What's the progress on this? Would love to see that added at some point.
  16. HeavenCrafter
    HeavenCrafter Mylescomputer
    Its been more then 4 days, are you back yet?
  17. HeavenCrafter
    HeavenCrafter pollitoyeye
    I think its safe to say that he is gone for good, he has been offline for almost 24 weeks. Maybe he just decided to quit, lost interest in coding and/or Minecraft in general.

    Its a shame really, his vehicles plugin really made a massive change in the RPG community.

    Sad to see him go.
  18. Jumbo_1907
    Jumbo_1907 xVelns
    Thanks for purchasing Skylevels!
  19. Venous_
    Venous_ PedroJM96
    Hey Pedro! Love the plugin but just wondering if you could help me out with a bug? Thanks :)
  20. KeineKohle-Dev