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  3. Vediis
    Vediis OkDexter12
    Hey there! I love your DangerousPlugins but they're not available for 1.7.10. Would I be able to commission you to backport the plugin, and do you know how difficult that would be? If not, would you be able to point me towards some plugin-creation resources? You can contact me on Discord at "vvvvv#5187" if that would be more convenient for you.
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  5. tptomas16
    Inactivo por ciertas Razones
  6. Demeng7215
    Demeng7215 NickAc

    ha got you
  7. JuneGames
    working now on my skript kitpvp
  8. Julian1234
    am now working on a KitPvP Skript this was the best skript off the kitpvp skripts ever
  9. Plochem
    Plochem md_5
    Change your ign to sha_256
  10. BananaPuncher714
    BananaPuncher714 Ellimist282
    Thanks for buying Public Crafters! If you have any suggestions or features you'd like to see added, feel free to PM me!
  11. NickAc
    NickAc Demeng7215
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  12. FlailoftheLord
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    your signature is legendary ;P
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    2. KrakenArtz
      Yes it is.
      Oct 18, 2018 at 12:11 AM
  13. GetJiggyWitIt
  14. youfish30gamer
    youfish30gamer clip
    ur discord link doesn't work
  15. Flugarmy
    Bin Leidenschaftlicher YouTuber Und Betreibe Ein Eigenen Server Flugarmy.De
  16. CodingEE
  17. ItsGamingSoni
    ItsGamingSoni Mannyseete
    o3o a follower :3
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    2. Mannyseete
      Yes, i follow back :3
      Oct 17, 2018 at 10:43 PM
  18. Sebastianswag123
    Sebastianswag123 ItzCodex
    Hi there,
    i was wondering if i could get some help with u r plugin easykitpvp?
    Is it possible to set this plugin to only work in one world?
  19. CookieyMSK
    CookieyMSK SB_prime
    Дружище, я купил твой плагин. С карты деньги списались. Но товар не был получен.
    Buddy, I bought your plugin. Money was written off the card. But the goods have not been received.
  20. FannieMC