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  1. DeinAmphetamin
    DeinAmphetamin Flugarmy
    Hallöschen Flugi (xD) als kleiner ansporn wenn du
    es schaffst die meisten deiner Skript auf die 1.13 zu bring spende
    ich dir ein 10 PSC oder Paybal was du magst ! :)
  2. OneVaughn
  3. OnlyGenno
    Just searching for a good lightweight anticheat... :[
  4. FloThePony
  5. StreamMaster
  6. 2008Choco
  7. zMxrek
    Web-Entwickler im Bereich HTML, CSS, JavaScript und PHP
  8. thebaum64
  9. winnipeg21
  10. xTrollxDudex
    xTrollxDudex SystemEncryption
    "I haven't received any feedback yet from Hypixel team, therefore, I'm just going to work on the project anyway"

    Here's an F in advance in case you get banned :p
  11. TheJayZ
  12. JimB
    JimB RogueRage
    We never met Leo but you were and continue to be an important influence of many great people. That alone is a tribute to the type of person you were. Let's hope that everyone carries your impact forward. Rest peacefully.
  13. VergilPrime
    VergilPrime RogueRage
    This community is one of the nicest I have ever been a part of, it's clear looking through this that you were a well respected and loved person. I'm sorry we didn't get to meet, I'd have been super excited to have met you. A year and a half later people are still coming here to talk to you and remember you and I am so glad this shrine exists for everyone to share their love. Rest peacefully.
  14. WhxteRabbit
    WhxteRabbit RogueRage
    Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to interact with you. However, it's clear you really made an impact on a lot of great people; which makes you a truly wonderful person! <3 Always in thoughts.
  15. Plutoren
  16. adamawesome135
  17. TechsCode
    TechsCode RogueRage
    I havent really interacted much with you but what you did for the community is just amazing
    You will be missed
  18. TheOnlineWorld
    TheOnlineWorld RogueRage
    I never really had a chance to speak you but you were always so kind to others
  19. Songoda
    Songoda RogueRage
    I think about you all the time, you really mean the world to me, even though your gone. <3
  20. _ShiroKo
    _ShiroKo PluemKitsada
    สวัสดีครับ ชอบปลัคอินนี้มากเลยครับ (KarenProtect) แต่ผมรู้สึกอยากแก้ตรงภาษาอังกฤษที่เขียนในหน้าปลัคอินกับใน config จังเลย 555