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Hmmm not so posty after all Aug 5, 2015

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Aug 15, 2019
    1. BlockJazz
      Hello there it's Block here. Not sure if you remember me at all but I remember the times on Pixelors. I've probably changed a bit too much beyond recognition however Lugia is still the best Pokemon and nothing can convince me otherwise.
    2. silvertoyger
      Hey, dude. Its been like years? o3o I just wanted to say that I miss you, I'll remember you for a long time. It's toyger123, by the way. It's okay if you dont remember me. but i had a lot of fun when we were on Pixelors. Those were good times. Lots of stress happened in my life and I vanished suddenly. I'm sorry I didn't say anything.
    3. ItzTNTPvp
      Hello There.
    4. NicoRam
    5. BensDaMan
      Replying to your WHT thread (http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1530165)

      By "lifetime dedicated server", I assume you mean a "server computer", there is no such thing as a "lifetime" computer :P
      Anyway, build (or buy) a decent rig using the newer E3/i7s, 32GB RAM and 1-2 SSDs, and possibly a backup HDD. No need for a rack-mountable chassis, a desktop case will do fine for single machine operations.
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      2. BensDaMan
        "I was thinking of buying servers that most hosting company uses to let people rent their dedicated servers."

        Generally hosting companies will use rack-mountable servers from the likes of HP, Dell, IBM etc.

        Building a standard PC would be much more appropriate, I have no clue as to you would want an expensive, noisy rack-mounted setup for a single machine in your home?
        Nov 20, 2015
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      3. 123hellobgbg
        Hmmm, i'm thinking of buying a rack server. Though I have a basement. But I'm willing to buy any thing that can make a server. Rack servers or build your PC thing.
        Nov 20, 2015
      4. BensDaMan
        Keep in mind you will need to buy a rack to go with a rack-mounted server, which is more money to spend.

        With the desktop case it will be very quiet, and have much lower temperatures due to the bigger space (vs 1U/2U chassis), etc.

        Plus, in the future if you don't need it anymore, throw a GPU in it and you've got a gaming rig just like that. You just don't get much flexibility with a rack-mounted setup.
        Nov 20, 2015
    6. zDrakon
      whered u get spigot protocol hack 0_0 i need one for 1.7 - 1.8 for bungeecord and my spigot servers.
    7. 123hellobgbg
      Hmmm not so posty after all
    8. 123hellobgbg
    9. 123hellobgbg
      I'm SUPPPPER KYOT ! :D
    10. SkeletalCortezz
      Itsme Mr.Cortezza xD
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