Dec 26, 2016
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    1. Megami680
      I purchased lands plugin and i am trying to verify thru the spigot but i was rejected twice
      1. Angeschossen
        Please make entered the details correctly. If you need assistance, fell free to send me a pm here.
        Dec 21, 2021
      2. Megami680
        I used the correct details..the paypal that I used to purchase and my spigot username
        Dec 22, 2021
    2. MetaHero
      I am an avid fan of your Lands, LandsDiscordBot, ChestProtect, BetterFarming, and Upgradeable Spawners plugins.

      But I had a request. Better Farming doesn't recognize custom crops from ItemsAdder or similar plugins.

      Is it possible the Better Farming plugin might be able to, in a future update, recognize custom crops by some metric?
      1. Angeschossen
        I'm happy to hear that!
        Could you send me a link of the items adder plugin you currently use?
        Oct 28, 2021
      2. MetaHero
    3. salc97
      Hi I was wondering how the Better Farming ores minion will work? Could you possibly give me more insight. Will the minion actually place ores down or do you have to supply them and they will break it?

      Discord: Sal97c#4236
      1. Angeschossen
        It will mine any ores that are in the radius of the farm. It currently does not destroy these blocks. There is a fuel option that will require the farm to be fuelled with specific items to continue working. If you have any suggestions, let us know.
        Oct 22, 2021
    4. Mariogaming_
    5. akiro_gil_sayan
      Dear Mister,
      I came back to you about another question : it is possible to make the support claim only on land and not on sub area ? (to prevent of multiplication of claimsupport).
      Have a nice day
      1. Angeschossen
        You want only be active if they are trusted in all sub areas + Default area?
        Sep 23, 2021
        akiro_gil_sayan likes this.
      2. akiro_gil_sayan
        only in default area, not sub area
        Sep 30, 2021
      3. Angeschossen
        Feel free to post that as a suggestion in our Discord. Sounds interesting!
        Sep 30, 2021
    6. t1ssue
      how do I include the war permissions, like /war or /war declare? I cannot use these commands if I don't have access to OP.
      1. Angeschossen
    7. AlphaBjarne
      Hey ich habe mir ein Bungeecord server gemacht mit Sb/Cb und Smp wir suchen noch einen Dev. ich habe dich grade auf Youtube gefunden falls du lust hättest bitte melden danke (Cringe diese anfrage sry ist aber ernst gemeint xD)
    8. Dylanlul
      Hello, I have been trying to Dm you on here, but it says that I do not have permission. I have tried the link from the discord as well and it says the same thing.
      1. Angeschossen
        What does it say?
        Sep 16, 2021
      2. Dylanlul
        "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."
        Sep 16, 2021
    9. Creeperbolt
      I have been trying to set up the permissions using luckperms on my server but no matter what I try it keeps saying my players have a maximum of 0 chunks able to be claimed on any land. Is the following example written incorrectly? "lands.chunks.25" I tried verifying on the discord to ask but it is not working.
      1. Angeschossen
        The permission is correct. You can see a list of perms the player has via /lands listperms. If its not listed there, the player does not have it. Also negative permissions can override that.
        Sep 15, 2021
    10. Sir_Pontios
      Hey there

      Recently i purchased your lands plugin product, and I have been having trouble with users not being able to actually using the commands right now on my server. If you need more information I can provide:

      Version: Spigot 1.17.1,

      Kind regards,
      Sir Pontios
      1. Angeschossen
        Sep 14, 2021
    11. akiro_gil_sayan
      Dear Mister, Madam,

      Thanks for your plugin, just a litlle question,
      it is possible to put a permission to get that one player can trust on only one land?

      I would like to know if its possible to regen a chunk if a chunk is unclaim like Towny ?

      if not, maybe a feature ?

      Thanks in advance

      1. Angeschossen
        There is the lands.lands.number permission which limits the amount of lands you can be trusted to.

        Regeneration is no longer possible since 1.13
        Sep 9, 2021
      2. akiro_gil_sayan
        Thanks for your answer :)

        Have a good day !
        Sep 9, 2021
    12. Varp
      Wont let me dm you please dm me regarding adding mongodb, id be able to pay you or something for you to get it done faster.
      1. Angeschossen
    13. Moe3973
      Hi, could you send me a dm here so I can get some support? The discord purchase verification didn't work...
      1. Angeschossen
        You can just send me a dm here :D
        Aug 30, 2021
    14. PiotrDesigns
      HI I got the plugin with my card so can u verify me on Discord My discord is = HitmanIsPOG#0808
    15. Celticism
      can I dm you on discord I have lands questions I wanna keep private? I noticed the lands discord had no dming members rule. my discord is Celticism#0754 dm me if I can
      1. Angeschossen
        you can dm me here.
        Jul 29, 2021
    16. p031123
      I can't enter your discode! I bought a plug-in, but I didn't log in with my PayPal account! Please add me to the discode. plz help me
      my discord -> 수달#3051
    17. Fireplex
      Please contact me on DISCORD ItzFire#6666. Someone verified my transaction ID and he's not working with me anymore. I need for remove the verification but I cannot send PMs, so please add me on discord ASAP
    18. JotaPlugins
      Is it possible to add individual color to lands in dynmap?
      1. Angeschossen
        Yes, it can be applied depending on their land name.
        Jul 29, 2021
    19. Sawerx
      when you put the permission lands.ownlands.2 for example, in game you can do as much land as you want, how i can make
      1. Angeschossen
        You most likely have /op or some players/groups are inheriting lands.ownlands.* from your permission plugin. This has nothing to do with Lands. Lands gets the permissions directly from the server and the server gets it from your permission plugin. Please do not use the review section for support. Also, a private message or our Discord is a better place to ask, as it's better organized and faster.
        Jun 29, 2021
    20. Nostigo
      Hi, I bought Lands a long time ago and I can't possibly send the bot the transaction number, how can I re-authenticate myself in Discord?
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