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Feb 7, 2013
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Male, from Germany

Temporarily rather inactive due to an assignment abroad. May 31, 2018

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Aug 22, 2018 at 2:41 AM
    1. IanTheGlob
      how can i edit where the items in the guis are placed in PlayerShops
    2. subt
      LimitedUses.used.yml. i want save data when player use, not only in server stop.Otherwise the server crash will lose data.Thanks!
      1. Blackixx
        Hey, SQL support is planned. When using databases new LimitedUses data will be safe even if the server crashes.
        Aug 4, 2018
    3. KnifeKat
      Hold off on replying to that conversation I sent you as there was things I wasn't aware of prior to messaging you that. Thanks! <3
    4. fanglys
      1. Blackixx
        Added to ToDo list but it will take some time until I am back from my working trip.
        Aug 4, 2018
    5. tanapol2542
      Hello~ Please make " BossShopProConfigure " support UTF-8 Language
      Because i don't like Unicode language ( \u0e18\u201d\u0e40\u0e18\ )
    6. Blackixx
      Temporarily rather inactive due to an assignment abroad.
    7. Blackixx
      Temporarily rather inactive due to exams and an assignment abroad.
    8. steellz
    9. RyanCanCraft
      Hi there!
      I have a question about Boss Shop, would you be able to help me out?
      So we have /fly set up so when the player purchases it, they get the permission node and it takes the money and thats great, however, say if they purchase fly in the nether, they ONLY get the command in the nether, and not in the overworld. Any way I can fix this?
      1. VanillaTwilight
        Seems like an issue with your permissions plugin. Make sure the command you're using to assign fly, assigns it throughout the server. As opposed to just a single world.
        Jun 8, 2018
    10. MechaRy
      Can you help with an issue. When I type /bs or /shop in chat it says 'An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command. Here is what shows up in the console
      1. Blackixx
        That seems to be an issue with Vault/your economy plugin, not directly a BossShop issue. Mae sure you have an economy plugin supported by Vault. According to your error message Vault is trying to access the balance of a player of the Craftconomy3 plugin, however there was some issue. If you can not solve your problem try contacting the devs of Craftconomy3 or Vault.
        Apr 4, 2018
    11. melongun77
      in bosshop the points doesnt work i mean i have the pointsapi plugin or the commandpoints plugin then i use a shop with the price point: 10 then it says i have not enough points but i have more than 999 points i gave with the points plugin i dont know what i made SORRY BAD ENGLISH :(

      EDIT: Its now working i use yet the Plugin for coins "CommandPoints"
      yes because PointsAPI doesnt work!
      1. Blackixx
        In the BossShop config set "PointsPlugin: <name of plugin you are using>", else BossShop might use an other Points compatible points currency running on your server (like the Jobs currency). Also to test things out use the "%points%" placeholder which will show your current balance of the selected points plugin.
        Apr 4, 2018
    12. Mang0
      Hello, so with the plugin " LimitedUses " the cooldown starts after once you've clicked the item, is there a way for the cooldown to work instantly after adding the configuration? My goal is so after i click on one itemshop the other itemshop has a timer till you can click it. Am i being stupid ? xD
      1. Blackixx
        You can add cooldowns to your items by adding the cooldown condition. Cooldowns work like following: Once a shopitem is clicked and successfully purchased the player will have to wait the given cooldown until he can buy the item again. To trigger the cooldown the item has to be purchased once. I am not sure if I understand your whole question correctly...
        Apr 4, 2018
      2. Mang0
        I was wondering if there were an option to have it so if you click on another itemshop the timer begins on another item shop, lets say i want to have rankup option, i dont want the other rankup itemshop to be available straight away after the first rankup is purchased if that makes sense
        Apr 19, 2018
    13. gob
      How to add multiple Rewardtype in one click ?
      Exam :

      rewardtype : playercommand , money , close
      - warp spawn
      - 700
      1. Blackixx
    14. KeplerLabs
    15. Ryan821
      How to add sound effect by purchasing a items using BossShopPro ? Really need it. Thanks.
    16. Goldenclaw112
      Sorry I'm not PMing you regarding this (don't have access to that yet). Every time I open BossShopConfigureX, it brings me to the page where I need to press "Load" then select my BossShop plugin folder. After I restart that, I keep on getting the screen. It doesn't matter if I update the .jars in the BossShopConfigureX_beta folder, I still get the error.

      Anyway, thanks for your time.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Goldenclaw112
        Dec 12, 2017
      3. Blackixx
        Alright the issue is following: One of your shopitems is corrupt: It has Price/Reward-Type: Item and Price/Reward: <empty list>. Replace the empty list with some items manually to fix the issue.
        Dec 12, 2017
        Goldenclaw112 likes this.
      4. Goldenclaw112
        Alright, that worked. Thanks for your time!
        Dec 12, 2017
    17. Artist
      bumb bumb bumb Erinnerung! Wecker klingelt xD
    18. Blackixx
      Busy until 28.11.17 due to exams. Will be more active again after.
    19. AntonDK2
      How to link other page, in the "shops" so you can click on them when you execute /bs?
      1. Skull_Basher
        You Have To Link Them Within Your Rewrads With The Name That You Named Your Shop
        Oct 30, 2017
    20. Effo12345
      Does this work with the free version of bossshop?
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    I'm a German student, who recently graduated and is now studying 'IT Automotive'.

    I've written many cool plugins that can be downloaded here:

    The most popular ones are the following:
    • BossShop - One of the most playerfriendly GUI plugins ever
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    • CommandRank - Promote players with kills, signs, passwords, time, exp, items, money and more!

    Besides I am working on a small Android sidescroller game that can be downloaded for free (No Ads and no inApp purchases) here: Playstore Link


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