Mar 10, 2015
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Male, from United Kingdom

Anyone who is familiar with name tags, feel free to help out on this Pet Master issue: https://github.com/PyvesB/PetMaster/issues/44 Dec 21, 2020

    1. DarkPyves
      1. DarkPyves
        More generally speaking, any developer interested in the plugin is welcome to help maintaining it. You'll get access to the GitHub repository and to the resource listings! ;)
        Dec 25, 2020
    2. KhajiitV
      You should create a command to transfer the database info because im having the same issue.
      1. DarkPyves
        Many tools on the Internet allow those kind of conversions. ;)
        Sep 13, 2020
    3. Jereth_Khan
      Hi, is there a conversion command to convert Advanced Achievements data to MySQL from sqlite?
      1. DarkPyves
        Sorry no such command but probably tools on the Internet ;)
        Aug 7, 2020
    4. Hypnub
      If you could contact me via dm I have an issue with adding certain items to the achivments list
      1. DarkPyves
        Aug 2, 2020
    5. LoneDev
      Amazing plugin!
      Please can you add purge command to remove players data?
      I want to delete players data if:
      - not logged in the latest 6-12 months
      - or they have no achievements

      this will speedup plugin performance on big servers, and also will be good for GDPR.

    6. ottarorri
      Hey DarkPyves! love the plugin so much, will probably donate soon when I have the chance, I was just wondering, I saw that you can make like specific player if killed then you get reward and I wanted to do that if you kill me on the server but when I put in the uuid and changed everything around and players kill me they don't get the achievement which is weird, any fix or help ? il post my code here if Im allowed:
      1. ottarorri
        (my in game name is MrRatto FYI, I used your author achievement as a test to see if it worked but just replaced everything with my name and uuid)

        Goal: Kill the Owner.
        Message: Yippie! You killed the Owner of the server!
        Name: kills_1_mrratto
        DisplayName: No More MrRatto
        IncreaseMaxHealth: 1
        Apr 8, 2020
      2. ottarorri
        Figured an image would maybe be best so i uploaded an image for you: https://ibb.co/h2kjrhV
        Thanks! means alot
        Apr 8, 2020
      3. DarkPyves
        Apr 10, 2020
        ottarorri likes this.
    7. mmuziek
      Hey man can u please change my url from play.bitcubes.eu to bitcubes.eu in the donators list :) advanced achievements
      Keep up the great work :D
      1. DarkPyves likes this.
      2. DarkPyves
        Mar 27, 2020
    8. Zyzio
      Hello, i have a question on advanced achievements, is possible to use this plugin in bungeecord and synchronization this in two servers?
    9. miguelrebolo
      Advanced Achievements :Its possible add texture heads from minecraft heads?.How can i change something like for example SAY:player hello world
    10. wiliwilliam
      1st, thx you for your awesome plugin!
      It works beautifuly!
      I am currently adding some achievements linked to Mythicmobs. But, the only one example that I founded in the default config did not help me alot to build something that works.
      Is there a documentation about that?
    11. Reekey
      1.86% 2,135.07% 5.34 s 1,067.53 ms 0.0 0.0k Task: AchievePlayTimeRunnable(interval 1200)
      1.26% 127.01% 3.62 s 63.50 ms 0.0 0.1k Task: AchieveDistanceRunnable(interval 100)
      0.23% 435.35% 0.65 s 217.68 ms 0.0 0.0k LevelsListener::onPlayerExpChange(PlayerLevelChangeEvent)

      cann you fix this?
      1. Reekey
    12. W4RTR1X
      Can you add in your plugin Achievement compatibility with SuperiorSkyblock2 and SopGuiPlus and some types x)
    13. Kalinkan
      Does advanced Achivments sent to the player only who gets it or all on the server?
      1. DarkPyves
        Nov 2, 2019
    14. unholymac
      im trying to use the execute command option in advanced achievements but can't seem to get the command to work when completing a task
    15. Spzatak
      Hey! does petmaster support pets teleporting across maps ? such as multiverse maps?
    16. BF3Chilled
      hi DarkPyves 1.14 is out, will you update?
      when my server has all its plugins up to date and the server gets a few donations i will buy you a pizza+drink:D
      1. DarkPyves likes this.
      2. DarkPyves
        Hey, you can follow work on my plugins on GitHub: https://github.com/PyvesB
        You will notice that Advanced Achievements is currently in progress :)
        May 3, 2019
        BF3Chilled likes this.
      3. BF3Chilled
        coool:DD thxxxx:D
        May 3, 2019
    17. Nebulyst
      Hey, this plugin was working great, but I think I messed something up.
      When I enable the plugin, it won't let me. This is what is says:

      Achievement with path (Kills.zombie.Goal) is missing its Name parameter in config.yml.

      Here is my config:

      If anyone could help, that would be great. Thanks!
    18. BF3Chilled
      hey pyves!
      im a big fan of aach!
      i would love to edit the latest version a bit on my own,
      but i cant compile it, i get an error at the onEnable section:
      1. DarkPyves likes this.
    19. BF3Chilled
      // DaggerAdvancedAchievementsComponent is generated by Dagger. Add target/generated-sources/annotations to your
      // build path if the IDE complains here. In any case this will not actually prevent you from compiling.

      im not sure how to solve this, if you could help me out a little bit i would be very thankfull!
      have a nicee dayy~ :D
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      2. BF3Chilled
        i finally managed it to compile without errors:D took quite a while for me^^ i will do it! but im super new to java so expect better nothing special, it would more likely rob you some time instead of improving anything hahahaha:D
        big thanks for helping me!
        Mar 5, 2019
        DarkPyves likes this.
      3. BF3Chilled
        one questin; will you update to spigot 1.14 if it will come out?
        Mar 5, 2019
      4. DarkPyves
        Yep, I'll probably upgrade the plugin to 1.14. Hopefully there won't be as many major changes as with 1.13 :)
        Mar 5, 2019
        BF3Chilled likes this.
    20. Pimp78
      Hi, I use AACH on my server and I need to run the command "Aach give name @p" Only, the @p doesn’t work but I would like to use a relative player. Know how to do it? What value to put so that it is the nearest player that is affected

      Thank you, Pimp78
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