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July 31
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I was banned off discord along with my Fiona anticheat discord getting removed. New Discord: https://discord.gg/gjxSC8t Mar 31, 2018

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Jan 27, 2022 at 12:30 AM
    1. jackysacki
      I don't think I understand how the license verification on the Discord server works but my ID is jackysacki#1818 (if you can see that I bought Kauri Anticheat recently) – Im having to to keep it and Atlas off my server because of console spam that happens whenever someone is logged in. I’like to open a support ticket on Discord but it says you can only help if the person has a Verified role in the server
      1. DawsonH
        Hello! There is no license verification required for Kauri to run. The license field in the config is if you want to use Kauri Ara, which is a separate but additional addon you can purchase off of my website.

        You may still create a ticket within the discord by reacting to the message in the #create-ticket channel. I hope this helps!
        Dec 30, 2021
      2. jackysacki
        Thanks for replying. The plugin feels a bit too heavy handed tbh / not what we need for a more casual server since it is mostly a large group of friends, so might not be worth the hassle yet, but going to keep it and check it from time to time. I think the error messages are connected to ViaVersion, with KeepAlive and packets, or it's an Atlas thing. For now I’ll use LightAntiCheat since it’s easier to understand
        Dec 31, 2021
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    2. jheferson
      Hi, I really liked the KauriVPN plugin, it would be great if it had an autoban for repetitive entry attempts with VPN, If I could add it would be really useful!
    3. Ziphon
      I can't leave a review on Kauri yet, but I hope your doing well. I know how tough college and a near full time job can be, especially while micro managing many different projects. I hope you have nothing but a good Thanksgiving filled with family and peace, and I hope you have an amazing holiday season man. Thank you for all you do.
      1. DawsonH likes this.
      2. DawsonH
        I appreciate that, thank you :)
        Dec 3, 2021
    4. WNnitro
      does karuiVPN can whitelist ips/nicknames?
    5. JohnSkrid2
      why im bought an anticheat, but him says "free trial version""
      1. SkyWatcher_2019 likes this.
    6. JohnSkrid2
      Kauri can't to start.
      Stacktrace: https://pastebin.com/fBejhXwU
      Atlas can't to start.
      Stacktrace: https://pastebin.com/0ftf7sye

      Tried on different Java versions, Purpur/AirplanePurpur cores, 1.16.5
      Please answer me quickly, otherwise I will not be able to use the plugin and will get my money back
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      2. SkyWatcher_2019
        and why we buyed an anticheat, but it's says "free trial version"
        Aug 14, 2021
      3. DawsonH
        That clearly shouldn't be the case. I will look into this for you
        Aug 14, 2021
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      4. Democracycraft
        Same issue here!
        EDIT: Apologies, KauriAntiVPN is what has the similar incompatibility issues. Feel free to contact me/us at Technofied#2823 for more info!
        Aug 16, 2021
    7. yanrevelson
      I bought the anticheat and I want a refund, I don't regret that or anything, I just don't need that since my server is about to shut down...
      Can you add me on discord? plus#0001
      1. DawsonH
        Sure thing! I have already sent the refund to your PayPal :)
        Jul 20, 2021
    8. pablo1732
      I have a problem with Kauri Premium. Fly and speed are often flagged incorrectly and you are often kicked because of an error. Please answer me quickly, otherwise I will not be able to use the plugin and will get my money back. Best via Discord: Pablo1732 # 2768
      1. DawsonH
        Thanks for joining the discord to get this resolved.
        Jul 18, 2021
    9. abigcockroach
      whats the discord
    10. xQyc
    11. ghostly06
      Can you make it so Atlas doesn't cancel hits because it makes my server's crits & hit detection really bad?
    12. MCMarter
      Thanks for buying Level Pets, if you have discord add me at ASD#4102.
    13. Blabla123
      hello, please answer me when the update of your anti cheat comes out. I've been waiting for more than a week, there such a fix is just needed from you and that's it! I can pay you money. PLEASE ANSWER ME
      MY DISC - qq#1205
    14. dionmanaog
    15. YF4Games
      Hello, i Would like to showcase Fiona [Arabic Or English]

      that's my channel: https://www.youtube.com/iiYurlx

      i get 500-600 views on my videos

      i'm going to showcase it and test it with hacks in the video

      i will start recording when you give me the copy
      reply if you accept or deny

      most people in arabic can't speak english and they are looking for a good anticheat.
      1. MrShawn
        No thanks
        Dec 26, 2018
    16. SogToby
      need help. fiona is detecting stuff that arnt even cheats for example if i run while holding space to jump continuously it sets me back and sends a report for speed boost it doesnt just do this for speed boost it does it for all kind of movement prevention. my players are complaining because it sets them back even though there not hacking.what do i do i havent edited the config i have the latest version
    17. Peebbong
      Do you have discord?
    18. Timeox2k
    19. Guff
      Send private, purchase your product...
    20. TCP_Victor585
      MD FASTTT, purchase your product i don't give me!
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