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Sep 23, 2021 at 9:14 PM
    1. Orbernau
      [04:08:14 WARN]: [InfernalMobs] Task #67514 for InfernalMobs v6.3 generated an exception
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive

      can you help me with this error?
    2. JaimeeCx7
      Hello Eliminator! Just wondering if you are discontinuing your updates on BossLand? I think it deserves an update! Especially a cleanup of the config file to be more uniform?

      Anyways, hope you reply.

    3. ManaMage
      Hello Eliminator, I noticed that your Infernal Mobs plugin hasn't been updated in over half a year. Will you be discontinuing the plugin?
    4. q16695
      Hello author, I am a Chinese, can I share this plugin to www.mcbbs.net?
    5. PsiCoTix
      it looks like item 52 in infernalMobs might be busted? the enchantment is not applying 100% of the time
    6. JustNathan_
      Im using coronavirus plugin and everything but the symptoms work. Is that normal?
    7. Sapoacks
      Im Currently having some problems with Infernal Mobs. The plugin try to spawn PigZombie, but this mobs doesnt exist in the version 1.16.x, how can i fix it?
    8. V_OIDD
      Im currently having some problems with Infernal mobs. Enchants that are not usually possible to get, i.e Feather falling X, Thorns X, etc will not work and will only give the highest level of that enchant, i.e Thorns 3, feather falling 4. any way to fix this?
    9. masonalexone
      Hi im having an error with RVT, when I start the server on paper build for 1.16.1, it constantly sends errors with chunkLoadEvents to console. Im not sure how much this affects TPS, but it is annoying if I want to read console.
    10. 2welkindust2
      Hello, I'm using your Boss Land plugin. I want to customize the drop and only drop one Item. I deleted the original drop in config.yml and only left the Boss Shard, but when I summon the boss, it still drops the original Weapons and equipment,hope you can write a configuration document and update more custom settings
    11. Alexeke
      pleas can say me how i can disable random spawns of ender dragons whit infernal mobs in the world i have this problem in a server aternos
      1. adam_m17
        They are listed as a mount for certain mobs in infernal mobs. Just remove ENDER_DRAGON from all lists in the infernal mobs config and they should not spawn anymore.
        Jun 22, 2020
    12. MrRayhonda
      ur plugins are so damn cool
      1. Eliminator likes this.
    13. GranpaGamer
      Am wondering if dev is active I am having issues and errors with a plugin and posted on the discussion thread but no answer in the past week. If not active I will have to find another plugin to use.
    14. HeavenCrafter
      Hey, ever plan on updating EqualTrade?
    15. Moonfield
      Hello, Can i have AdvancedGenetics SRC I need to update it for my server to 1.12 if you can give it please. Since you never updated it
    16. Ertale
      update plugin advanced genetics spigot 1.9.2 ? please
    17. Macalite
      There seems to be a bug in WizardlyMagic, it is not allowing players to craft spells after the close the altar
    18. DragonMaster000
      Hey I can't get your advanced genetics plugin to work.
      Could not load 'plugins\AdvancedGenetics.jar' in folder 'plugins'
      org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/server/v1_9_R2/NBTBase
      1. Eliminator
        Its not updated yet.
        Dec 28, 2016
    19. Schmilk
      Hi, I was wondering if I could apply this effect to only some ranks with a permission rather than the entire server? I really like this concept but unfortunately it only works if I can apply it to a certain type of rank.
    20. DifferentCraft
      Look. Cam you fix your config for your plugin... I Want to set theses spawn changes for mobs to spawn but it doesn't listen to my config what so ever!

      Here's the level chances i want

      lvl 5: 30%
      lvl 6: 20%
      lvl 8: 15%
      lvl 10: 10%
      lvl 11: 5%
      lvl 14: 2%

      Instead I'm getting lvl 11-13 at %100 -_-

      I've deleted my config so many tiems and re tried that i've just give up
      1. Eliminator
        The numbers are not %, they are out of 1.

        lvl 5: a one in 30 chance
        lvl 12: a one in 2 chance (so 50%)
        May 4, 2016
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