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Aug 17, 2015
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    1. Electro2560
    2. Adenor
      Thanks for purchasing aEnchant Premium =)
    3. The_Elite_Panda
      OMG what a small world i can't beleive i found ur spigot profile when i was doing research on the /show item plugin for my server. lol soz you probs won't regonize my username right! well i was LegitBuldMC i did a well a very laggy but heavly edited video cinimatic on your server wlel test
      1. Gasha likes this.
    4. The_Elite_Panda
      server not the actual server tbh it was fun to make i probs make a better version when i get my super high end gaming virtual computer with 1000 mbps upload and download in internet speed making videos in 4k would be easy for me to do but i do that after i setup my server.
    5. The_Elite_Panda
      also after i saw ur post on your idea to show stats when doing /show and someone asked you to find a dev what was your questions with them and like whats the deal on the cost as i'm currently looking for a DEV but tbh i have been using a DEV on fiver but that method isn't really good as they can't manage the plugins or test them out to make sure it all looks perfect in a way.
      1. Ergenta
        hey, I never followed up and didn't search for a dev.
        Aug 30, 2018
      2. The_Elite_Panda
        Aug 30, 2018
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