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Making plugin alternatives


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    Making plugin alternatives
    I am pretty much fed up with premium plugins that could be easily remade in an hour or so.

    That's why I'm making this! This will hopefully improve the quality of premium plugins.

    Help Out
    If you want to help out, Private Message me! You can send a jar file with a link to your remade plugin, and I will post it (or you can just post it yourself if you'd like :p). The point of this account is for developers to remain anonymous, so its always here for people to use. You can also commit to our GitHub.

    Angry Developers
    If your plugin was remade, it will not be taken down without an Administrator requiring us to. You are now in competition with us! Yay!

    The best thing you can do is keep your plugin updated and add new features. The more you do to make your plugin better, the more people you will get to buy it!

    Q: By remaking plugins aren't you breaking the law?
    A: No. Its because of the difference between copyright and patents. A copyright is protection of content (ie. code, art, literature, music, etc.). A patent is the protection of ideas (ie. inventions, ideas, etc.). Creators of plugins do not have a patent of their plugin idea, and therefore do not have protection of their plugin being remade.

    Q: Why are you doing this?
    A: We want to improve the quality of premium plugins. By providing competition for poor quality, paid plugins, we force developers to put time into their plugins.

    Q: What plugins are you going to do this for?
    A: Any plugin that is premium that shouldn't be.

    Q: Why would you do this for free?
    A: Software is meant to be free!

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