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Sep 3, 2013
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May 25, 2022 at 10:08 PM
    1. Lizardz-
      Hey was wondering if you're interested in some IC work, add Lizardz#0001 on discord.
    2. xQyc
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    3. Janmm14
      With my 4500 messages on here i am definitely able to write what people need to know pff.

      But sometimes I'm missing time/motivation and then I might just write things like that.
      1. garbagemule
        Congratulations on clicking Post Reply 4500 times. Now that you have so many messages under your belt, maybe it's time to retire from shitposting and start writing quality content?
        Dec 11, 2019
      2. Janmm14
        Seems like I will enjoy shitposting from now on just to annoy you.

        You know, a forum is no place to tell someone something which exists hundrets of times already in tutorials and other forums.
        Dec 11, 2019
      3. garbagemule
        Are you seriously saying you'd fuck around with other people just because I called you out? I really hope you find the strength to not let your pride get the best of you like that. Yikes.

        Check out my reply in the thread. Feel free to use it as a guideline for how to write an informative, helpful post. You can write quality content like that as well if you dedicate just a little bit of time and effort.
        Dec 11, 2019
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    4. AKATONY
    5. Minecrafter702
      Hi, could you add a Bossbar for bosswaves? And a mobcounter for normal and swarm waves? Maybe with also a bossbar or for the scoreboard.
      I really like your plugin, its awesome!
      Good job !

      Have a nice day!
    6. lattyhelp
      Tell me please how to make a class for $?
    7. Lewonier
      Hello, I'm have a problem.
      I made my own class with add-ons in the MobArena plugin, such as using the command / fireball after clicking on item. I made this plugin MyCommands. The problem is that when playing the arena, the player can not use commands even from items. Will you be able to do something in this plugin or use another plugin so that players can use commands while playing the arena?
      1. garbagemule
        Tried the allowed-commands setting in the config-file?
        Dec 30, 2017
    8. Neonlp
      Hey, how can i add an enchantment to an item by the classes?
    9. JKnetz
      hi :)
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    10. matrix033
      hello i need report a bug of mobarena with the class chest if an kit have more health for the items, and the player exit of the server and not leave the mobarena the player generate a bug and he give the health bar with the same hearts of the kit
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