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May 24, 2017
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from Germany

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Jul 5, 2020
    1. R00t
      Hey @Germanode, I fall into the same issue as last year with the max upload size, I have changed the options, but it still doesn't work, is there any other options other than php.ini that I need to change?
    2. RuyetCraft
      I would to have a Test Server please? before I spend a buck on this hosting. I'm so tired of Shit hosting websites Ive already trying to refund two different websites. it just it's really bad. I heard a lot of good stuff in this host , hit me up if your cool with it.
    3. FusionStyleFX
      Ich h├Ątte aber mehr als einen Contabo reseller erwartet.
    4. Legoman99573
      Services are really great from the 24 hour trial and is good for hosting the correct amount of players, but dont have the budget, well really, any money atm. It was a good test server and I would recommend using it and staff actually gave me the specs of the machine the server will be running off of. (1/2)
      1. Gasha likes this.
      2. Legoman99573
        Most hosts get scared or end chats when you ask for specs making me worry what server it will run off of like if it will cause alot of crashes/downtime. (2/2)
        Jul 23, 2017
    5. IndieGuts
      Also just from the thread where you thought I was talking crap about you, I don't talk good or bad about hostings unless I try them at least once, or have tried it through one of the servers owners accounts, whenever I help out server owners.
      maybe if possible, I could get a like 1 day temporary server to test it out? ;p
      Just so I know if I should or shouldn't hate it ;3
      1. Germanode likes this.
      2. Germanode
        I understand. No problem of course! Also, of course you can get a trial! I will create a test account for you and PM you the credentials. :)
        Jul 16, 2017
    6. Praya
      Very active and have great support hosting :D
      1. Germanode likes this.
      2. Germanode
        We are glad to hear that!
        Jun 24, 2017
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