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Sep 13, 2021
    1. weekenzieYT
      Also i updated the PWI plugin and when a player dies now they lose their stuff and they have to switch gamemode to like creative and back to survival to get it back
    2. weekenzieYT
      Is perworldinventorys going to be updated to 1.15? and 1.16 when it comes out?
    3. Cutebot
      Hello! I was wondering if you could check your github page, specifically reports #157, #155, #149, as it is a severe issue affecting multiple players which needs to be resolved immediately... Thanks.
    4. Alry_FireBlade
      where do you want me to post my worlds.yml?
      sry i dont know what you mean and i dont know how to answer ont your answer.

      Todays the first time i use the review and komments funktions of this webside.
      1. Gnat008
    5. hk12
      update pwi to 1.12 plz
      1. martin11619 and ScuroK like this.
    6. Kondemned
      new to spigot im trying to msg you with a small error for PWI. pluggin works fine with error lol but id still like to fix it sorry couldnt find a msg button
      1. Gnat008
        Jan 31, 2017
    7. flonshi
      hey man i dont know if theres a bug or not but mine whole plugin doesnt work
      i have 2 servers but when minecraft 1.11.2 came out
      the plugin for 1.11 i cant find out why or what i asked so many people even (my servers)
      but they couldt find anything
      do you have any information or something like that ?
      1. BrettPlayMC
        It works on 1.11.
        Feb 26, 2017
    8. Night
      1. Gnat008 likes this.
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      3. Gnat008
        Well that's an interesting story. lol. One of our local TV channels has SG-1 on every weeknight, and I started in the middle of that. Not sure what season. So I'm simultaneously watching the later episodes and the older ones on DVD. I have yet to see Atlantis, but want to. The same channel has Universe on the weekends, but I find I didn't much care for it.
        Jul 29, 2016
      4. Night
        you should watch it in order - watching it out of order's a bad idea
        Jul 30, 2016
      5. Gnat008
        It is in order. Just. Two orders! lol
        Jul 30, 2016
    9. sgdc3
      Hello, can you contact me on gitter when you are avariable? :) Thanks
    10. sgdc3
      I sent you a private conversation
    11. sgdc3
      Hello are you there?
      1. Gnat008
        I am
        Jul 27, 2015
    12. seaoffire
      I can't pm u some how, but i would like to help me please, i'm trying that gamemode survival and gamemode creative will have same inventory because it mess up little bit my limited creative. so i tried to set the seperate game mode thing to false and it didn't work, so how am i supposed to do that? btw sorry for my poor little english.
    13. WalterHW
      Hello Gnat008, I am writing here because I just registered and I can't PM, I hope I am not breaking rules. Anyway, I am currently using Multiinv and it is working but there are inventory mixes now and then. I have two questions about your plugin - do those mixes happen too (and please tell me why in a few words) and is the Multiinv converter working?
      1. Gnat008
        Well, there're certainly not meant to mix! And they shouldn't if things are configured properly. At the moment, the MultiInv converter is NOT working, due to some odd glitch that I haven't figured out in the process.
        Jun 24, 2015
      2. WalterHW
        Thank you for the answer, I will be tracking your plugin for when a converter is available. Your plugin looks like the best one out there currently so if I do a map restart I will switch to it.
        Jun 24, 2015
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    Jun 1, 1993 (Age: 28)


    Minecraft and IRC name: EbonJaeger
    "If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago."
    - Oma Desala, Daniel Jackson; Stargate SG-1​
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