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Mar 19, 2015
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Aug 22, 2001 (Age: 19)
Home Page:
Nederland, Ter apel
Hosting entrepreneur


Male, 19, from Nederland, Ter apel

I am out of inspiration. : '( Feb 25, 2017

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May 19, 2021
    1. chrisw3214
      Is there a way to make it so when a player gets money this doesn't show up with all the .9999999? https://prnt.sc/12kz258 Using essentialsx and Vault.
    2. SolrFlare
      the scoreboard is bugged, it doesn't show to player by default have to /sb reload and /sb toggle
    3. rafi67000
      help scoreboard itself disappears every now and then and you have to do / sb reload / / sb toggle
    4. Glqsses
      Nug#2639 please add me I have some questions
    5. Geri1908
      Dude i downloaded the plugin and i didn't liked it, when i removed it the scoreboard stays there and i can't remove it!!!
      1. emommy33zs
        Mar 16, 2021
      2. HelloitsRien
        Execute /scoreboard players reset @a without the plugin running. You hot unloaded the plugin, meaning that it didn't get the chance to remove any scoreboards from users.
        Mar 16, 2021
    6. depiman
      Hee Rien. De scoreboard plugin geeft een outdated version melding bij iedereen. Enig idee hoe dat komt?

      Een dikke MOI oet Grunn ;-)
      1. HelloitsRien likes this.
      2. HelloitsRien
        Moi! Is gefixt, beter laat dan nooit
        Mar 15, 2021
    7. popcornop
      umm HIi am using your scoreboard i tried to use chinese on it but it just have lot of garbled word
      is it possable for help?plz
    8. Get_Reached
      %player_ping% doesn't seem to work it just always shows 0 ms
    9. Titan_
      Hi there I have recently downloaded your Scoreboard plugin and I am trying to display ranks on my server; and I have had no luck with displaying them.

      [I use PermissionsEx on my server]

      I have tried %vault_prefix% and %vault_rankprefix% in the settings.yml for the plugin and neither of them work but other than display a number.

      Would it be possible for some help if possible?
      Thank you
    10. Vaeb
      Are you still working on Scoreboard-Revision and would you be offended if I started my own copy of it? You haven't updated since around august 2019 and your last post was in November of 2019, there have been countless complaints about the update notifier (that has broken) as well as other issues im sure users may be having that I haven't seen any responses from you for.
      1. QuikMiner
        If you do make your own fork, good luck! I'll use it a ton, that's for sure.
        May 6, 2020
    11. HiMrBob
      Hi, I love your plugin but I have one question.

      Is there any way to make a sort of "if statement" within the config? For example, I want to make my "time played" section display a different unit depending on how long the player has played.

      Here is my example:

      if (%statistic_hours_played% >= 1) {
      - ' %statistic_hours_played% hours'
      } else {
      - ' %statistic_minutes_played% minutes'
    12. spaik66
    13. srnyx
      Scoreboard-r glitches my teams and removed all of the prefixes and such from the player list (TAB) and above people's heads. Could you please help me fix this?
    14. Zxc0805zxc
      Hey pro, i am making a minecraft server, i need a developer, pls hit me up, i got a great offer for u.
      gmail: [email protected]
    15. Crnge
      For Scoreboard-Revision, it lags my server a lot. My Discord is Crnge#7665
    16. Jay00101
      the placeholders doent work for me I got the plugin, placeholder api, vault
    17. MadHouse
      How do i disable scoreboard so i dont always have to see it. U stated u have /scoreboard toggle as a command but thats not true. How can players turn this off. HELP
      1. Ab_r1ce_ball likes this.
    18. Cwoot
      Hey! There's a slight issue with Scoreboard, your plugin.
      If it can't find a certain placeholder, it throws a million null exceptions.
      Maybe make it set the placeholder to "" if it doesn't exist?
    19. HeavenCrafter
      You're never out of inspiration, you you're an inspiration to others yourself.
    20. CamManCraft1
      Hello, I have added your plugin to my server not too long ago, I have recently came across an issue where the scoreboard disappears when you go to a different world such as the nether or the end, and the scoreboard never comes back until the server reloads. Is there any way to fix this so that the scoreboard won't disappear when players go into different worlds? Thanks!
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    Aug 22, 2001 (Age: 19)
    Home Page:
    Nederland, Ter apel
    Hosting entrepreneur
    Hello there,
    I am Rien Bijl, a Dutch programmer and hosting entrepreneur (enterpriseweb.nl). In my spare time I create Spigot resources. These are my active projectsÖ
    • Scoreboard
      A flickerless animated scoreboard plugin. 100% free! :eek:

    Do you wish to speak me for a business agreement, then please e-mail to [email protected].


    if you ask me something, and you didn't read plugin description. i will find you.​
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