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from Texas

Hytale Community - https://discord.gg/nJFRfCa Feb 6, 2019

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Oct 20, 2020 at 3:46 AM
    1. PortalZzzz
      my vault plugin isnt working whit lp editor it doestn show prefixes any help ?
    2. Ezo
      I really wish I could give you a negative rating. You made a simple concept (HeroChat) into a stupidly high priced plugin for 1.12+, and havent updated it since. Then, you threatened someone with legal action and accused them of decompiling the code for your plugin even though they specifically said they made their *own* "custom coded plugin" of it. You don't own the idea of the plugin.
    3. Blackixx
      Nice Heroes plugin title :)
      1. Kainzo
        Thanks :)
        Mar 26, 2019
    4. Kainzo
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    5. GGNoPotato
      Hey! Saw you might be looking for developers. There's a discord server that can automate your projects simply with Auctions. Developers can bid on projects you create and it guarentees that you will get the best price available!

      If you'd like the invite to the discord to check it out, feel free to shoot me a DM.
      1. Kainzo
        feel free to invite me.
        Jan 28, 2019
    6. SigmaticsX
      Hey! I'm wondering if HeroChat supports plotsquared so that I can have a channel that only people on the same channel can see?
    7. savvas20013
      Hey I wanna buy Heroes plugin but is it updated to 1.12.2? Also how many skills does every class have and is the plugin compatibe with Mythic mobs so I can edit the xp they give?
      1. Kainzo
        Yes. The 1.8.16 works with 1.12.2 and yes works with MM
        Dec 23, 2018
    8. Treijim
      Hey. Been using Herochat for years and want to keep using it. I paid for the latest edition for 1.13 but am having a problem with the /me command. It removes all spaces from whatever follows the /me. Could I have help on what to do, or is this a known bug?
    9. McDonald
      Please check last Discussion in Townships +

      I'm still waiting your support for two weeks
    10. McDonald
      I have some problem with TownShips+

      We Can't limit max town name length?

      Because it cause chat spam

      I changed max_name_length: 10 in config.yml

      but still can create new town to over 10 Characters

      Sorry for my Bad English and I'm using 1.13.1 spigot

      I need to limit Town , Kingdoms name lenghth to every message ( not only town chat )
      1. Kainzo
        We will check into this, thanks.
        Oct 13, 2018
      2. McDonald
        Im still waiting for fix it
        Oct 17, 2018
    11. 2DevsStudio
      Hello, where i can contact with you? I have problem with VaultApi, i'm sure i'm setup that fine. But plugin can't find vault on the server.
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    12. Pistik
      Update to 1.13.1 :)
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    13. beeng9
      Hello, I'm interested in translate herochat in korean.
      But i have a worry.
      Before translate, Should I have a knowledge about programming?
    14. Hazae41
    15. nermerline2
      Hi, we bought the Heroes plugin, but the last time using this was in the 1.7 so, now we can't understand some stuff, like how we can disable the professions, and where we can find all the permissions for the commands /hero paths, /hero choose, /hero info, etc, please we are stuck with this, sry for my english and thanks!
      1. Kainzo
        At the current time, professions are REQUIRED to have a default. in the future this will change.

        Secondly, all permissions SHOULD be on the front page. If not, I will be creating a wiki page with this to be more thorough and link to it.
        Jun 27, 2018
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      2. Shozukou
        @Mermerline2, I answered your question in the discussion page. Please refer to the reply I sent you. Thank you.
        Jun 27, 2018
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      3. nermerline2
        Thank you very much for answering, we will solve it, and thanks for this nice plugin we really love it :)
        Jun 28, 2018
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    16. Kainzo
      Looking for developers to assist with our plethora of plugins!
    17. xHexical
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Kainzo
        Post your entire startup server log with paste2.org on the forums and tag me, thanks!
        May 20, 2018
      3. xHexical
      4. xHexical
        Nevermind, I fixed it somehow by reinstalling the jar and updating citizens + worldguard.
        May 20, 2018
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    18. MRmuse
      Hi Kainzo
      I found bug so i wander can u help me ?
      bug is in "heroes plugin 1.8" armor dont brake...
    19. jerryshr
      Hello, Heroes author
      I come from Taiwan
      I want to translate your plugin
      So I want your permission
      Hope you can agree me to translate your plugin
    20. Frankie707
      Hello, ive been using heros for a little while now , and I would like my users to spawn in my world with there quest book in hand . for the life of me I cannot find a command like /quests give <player> quests journal. is there anything like this?
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