Nov 7, 2013
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Mar 10, 1995 (Age: 26)
Home Page:
CEO of MVdW-Software


Male, 26, from


I am unavailable till the end of July Jul 13, 2021

    1. JustKagu
      Hi, I bought your ConditionPerms plugin, my server is on 1.16.5 (java 11) but it says that the plugin required java 16?, while in the spigot page it only says that the plugin need java 16 for 1.17+, can you help me with this? Im still using 1.16.5 and wont change to Java 16 because its uneccesary
    2. brayderek
      are event triggers available on lastest beta? (5.0.3b) i can't found the events folder.
      1. Maximvdw
        event triggers were part of MVdWPlaceholderAPI and are no longer available in the beta until an alternative is created
        Aug 10, 2021
    3. kiddboy
      I just bought the plugin FeatherBoard and every time I try to start the server I get this error Can you help me please?
      1. Maximvdw
        Fb 5 requires Java 15
        Jul 28, 2021
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    4. Maximvdw
      I am unavailable till the end of July
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    5. Gylax
      Hey, what's the best history version to run Featherboard with 1.8.8?
      1. Spyproof
        Jul 12, 2021
    6. _v_Max_v_
      1. Maximvdw
        removing MVdWPlaceholderAPI will fix the issue
        Jul 6, 2021
    7. basbusiness12
      i have spigot 1.17 on my server and featherbord but its doesnt work can you help me ?
    8. skycraftserver1
      I know version 5.0.1a of featherboard is only for testing but I did try it out and noticed that since the alpha version players without any permissions cannot see the scoreboard. Only players with wildcard can see the scoreboard. It should just be visible for everyone without a corresponding permission of my scoreboard right? Is this a know issue in the alpha builds or am I doing something wrong?
    9. Kevin0565
      Hi- do you have plans to update QAPlugin?
    10. mrziboule
      How can I not have a featherboard (scoreboard) limit? Version 1.8 has a limit and 1.16 does not.
    11. Maximvdw
      I've spend 29% of my life registered on Spigot apparently
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    12. Shinttaro
      Hey! I bought the titleadvanced plugin and I would like to know if there is a way to show a title when a player changes the world through a portal or a sign or using /mvtp using the multiverse-core/portals/SignPortals plugins.
      if so, how do i do it?
    13. allergenx
      Diving into QAPlugin today - love the idea but forgot to check it supported 1.16 .. oops, my bad. However, the only issue I'm hitting so far is the use of "" for the deps imports in your codebase. If you privately share your project files I'm happy to recompile and test (I already bought it too).
      1. allergenx
        If you help get me running I'll do an overview video and promote it on my channel and blog too.. :)
        Apr 6, 2021
    14. Maximvdw
      The OVH relocation today did not went smooth today - the CI server and repo will be down. It seems that suddenly I went from 32GB RAM to 8
      1. Maximvdw
        OVH also automatically reported an 'electrical wiring' issue (that is now replaced), no word on the 8GB RAM issue yet...
        Apr 5, 2021
      2. Maximvdw
        Still down... "yeey".... guess it does not matter if you pay 2k/yr for servers to get better support
        Apr 9, 2021
      3. sannielollie
        yeah, OVH stinks...
        Apr 17, 2021
    15. crzjzu
      Hey! I'm having a bit of bother setting up RGB values using featherboard, im on version 4.30.0 - any chance you're able to help out?
    16. Sookus
      Your plugin isn't working for me and I can't find the answer anywhere and you don't have a support page. can you please help me.
      1. Sookus_rat likes this.
    17. ssagum
      Hi there. can i use featherboard plugin on another computer? You said "Usage on multiple networks/server not allowed". I don't intend to use featherboard on multiple servers. I am thinking of using a featherboard only on one server, but I want to change the computer that runs the program. Is there anything I should be careful about using the featherboard on multiple computers for one server?
      1. Maximvdw
        Sorry, did not reply to your email yet. You can use featherboard on your server and desktop. The only main criteria is that the desktop server should not be a separate server that is public.
        Mar 28, 2021
    18. Maximvdw
      Scheduled maintenance of placeholder server on 05 April 21 at 06:00 UTC+1. This does not affect running servers
    19. 6roke

      I have some problem with mcMMO event trigger. It says this in console when I am leveling.

      Could not pass event McMMOPlayerLevelUpEvent to FeatherBoard v4.30.0 full text:

      I enabled mcMMO in event folder, same problem with towny, but with towny nothing is said in console, just doesn't work. Hope you can help me.

      Thank you in advance!
    20. RyRy2243
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    Mar 10, 1995 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    CEO of MVdW-Software
    I am the guy who made the scoreboard plugin your server uses.

    • Do not post in the discussions of the plugin, I do not get notifications about these
    • Do not post on my profile page. I will ignore them
    • I don't use skype or discord
    • Only make a PM with bug reports containing valid information. Not for general plugin questions. There is a high chance that I won't reply unless I asked you to PM me.
    • Create a thread where you tag me on the Spigot Plugin Help subforum. I read those regular. If there are bugs with private information I will ask you to PM me.
    • Every support ticket (question or bug) should always include a debug made using : /<command> debug
      example: /featherboard debug, /animatednames debug, /qaplugin debug, ....
      If you are reporting an error or bug that does not include a debug or full server log I will just ignore it.



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