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    1. brandyxxx
      The plugin has discord because I have a problem with the / is visit command, it tells me that there is not a location set but it does not tell me which is the command to set a location I thought there was the command / island setteleport or / is open
      1. Ome_R
        /is visit requires a welcome sign.
        You can join the discord and ask there for help - you can find a link on the resource's download link, at the top toolbar of the website.
        Jan 13, 2022
    2. Mshalahi
    3. itszw
      ömer kanka wildstackerde köylüleri stacklamameşini yapabilir misin ?
      1. Ome_R
        Dec 1, 2021
    4. carlos201056
      Can we talk about your wild stacker plugin?
      I have two report to give you
      1 it is about the lag make take me 5g of my 8g on my server when take sand or any block when people have efic5
      2 dupe of food that take the villager they can't make baby and just dupe all food you give to they
    5. DreadBread001
      Hey sorry for the inconvenience but every time I try to buy WildStacker it wont let me go into paypal. Basically every time I click on the download pay button, it takes me to paypal and says paypal doesn't seem to be working. it says this every single time. (And its not my account) And I've been doing this for 5 days now so I dont know what else to do. Any ideas?
    6. NonsiGaming
      bonjour wildchest ne fonctionne pas avec les hooper et avec wildstacker je n'arrive pas a stacker les blocks de diamant
      1. Skizzles
        Any issues with plugins please use their dedicated github page.
        May 15, 2021
    7. Arciniegasdiaz
      Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, but I would like to know if there is any way to configure the number of visitors per rank.
      Thank you!

      the plugin in question is SuperiorSkyblock2
      1. Ome_R
        Thats not a feature sorry
        May 8, 2021
    8. Lord_Junes
      I delete and make new comments because I can't edit my old comment and I can't answer your answer please Report me... I don't break any rules! Or I'm too stupid to find the answer button then please help me to find it :)
      1. Lord_Junes
        oh or I'll just keep writing in here because that works with the answer :)
        May 3, 2021
    9. Lord_Junes
      I spend money on something special and he does it now for free and everyone can copy my Server.... I donate Spigot 100 dollars if they Banned you if who wants he can take a screenshot of this message
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      2. Ome_R
        You recieved updates and support, therefore you recieved what you paid for. I quit Minecraft development and therefore all the plugins are now free and open source, as I am not gonna charge people for money for a product that will not receive updates or support. I made the plugins open source so server owners like you can continue working on the plugins and have the ability to fix all bugs etc.
        May 3, 2021
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      3. Ome_R
        Also stop reposting reviews as its not allowed. Sure, give the resource 1-star for something that isnt related to it, but dont repost the review over and over again. Grow up kiddo
        May 3, 2021
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      4. Skizzles
        Honestly stop harassing Omer, I bought all his plugins and I still use them and support him.

        The fact you are such a disrespectful little troll just shows how entitled you are.

        Be THANKFUL that Omer open sourced his work and even continues to fix things in his plugins.
        May 9, 2021
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    10. OutCastLands
      Although I bought WildTools and Wilstacker, Im not mad that you made it free, there was days I wished I had access to these resources and had fun with them but now others can enjoy them!!
    11. waqe
      Sir, I bought a mc market setup that uses Superior Skyblock2 but now cannot buy the SUperior Skyblock2 plugin as it is Inactive Resource. Any chance of getting a copy, or buying it at a discount so the 17$ I paid for the skyblock setup does not go to waste?
      1. Ome_R
        Mar 6, 2021
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    12. excaexca64
    13. PROAlex2004
      Hi, please verify me
    14. ljm0417
      Hi, please verify me.
      1. eickmung
        All of his plugins have been changed for free. It is not verified.
        Feb 3, 2021
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    15. TheMartyCZ
      Hi, please verify me.
    16. Adri417
      Hello :) Verified please :)
    17. raharman
      Helo, I would like to get verified. :)
    18. Cammm
      Hello! I tried to start a conversation with you, but the button is not present. I have purchased your SuperiorPrisons plugin with the following PayPal ID:
      [email protected]
      And on this very SpigotMC account.
      My discord is: Cam#2322

      Thanks! <3
      1. Ome_R
        Hey, SuperiorPrison moved to Brian's account :)
        Contact him for support
        Dec 18, 2020
    19. EchoRapidz
      EchoRapidz#1000 (582672011147608075)
    20. pso
      Hey! i'm "! 피소#1467"

      and i write here because I don't know where to send the DM.

      Anyway, what I'm trying to say is,
      I couldn't take the discord role cause the BG-software bot had an error!!
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