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    1. hoopshowtos
      I went ahead and made a tutorial for your amazing plugin. Hope you will approve! I put a good amount of time into this and would love if you would check it out and tell me what you think. :) Thanks for the amazing plugin by the way.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7qO5jjaP-s
    2. Detar
      Hello, I want to download v3.3.4 of the Quests plugin, but I cannot download it.
    3. TheLaoming
      Hi there,

      I'm using your antivpn with default cfg, only translated and without malicious-ip-protection enabled. But 2 of my players have a issue with connection. They definitely don't have VPN or Proxy but server kicking them instantly. So I added their IP adresses to the whitelist, and wrote /antivpvn reload. Tried also server restart, but whitelist doesn't work at all. Using bungee pl.

      Any ideas how to fix it?
    4. JaHollYT
      Hey there: in your Plugin QuestsGUI on the Stage Editor the Action Tab is not working. So nothing happens by clicking. Hope you can fix soon :)
    5. Flame3050
      Hello PikaMug, I just have a question. I set up a custom quest but after someone completes it they cant do it again. How do I fix that? Thank You - Flame3050
    6. mikemani
      would it be possible for you to add support for races of thana so i can make race specific quests i am willing to pay,
    7. Rubiz
      Could you give me the MythicMobs-Quests module? The download link is broken
    8. ItsJacob
      Do you maybe need help with translating to Croatian? It's my native language and I'm willing to do it just for fun and experience. I would love to see my translations in one of my favorite plugins of all time. Croatian is also good because multiple other countries could also understand it like Bosnia, Serbia etc. On discord I am mali comrade#3314 so contact me if you want! :D
    9. LordYarkan
      hi can you do daily and random missions with a limited time? so that from time to time the missions are restarted when completing or not fulfilling them
    10. benwolla
      I need assistance with QUESTS GUI :( do you have a discord or something?
    11. FuturePinger
      Is there anyway you would be able to make a update either your placeholderquests expansion or your quest plugin that adds a placeholder for the player with the quests points and maybe the 2nd most and 3rd most. Thank you
    12. Esscay
      I'd like to hire you for paid custom work on our server? Would that interest you?
    13. Servus076
      Heya, are you searching for a Dutch translator? i would be glad to help you out!
    14. abod311311
      Hello, what's the recommended version of Quests for 1.14.4?
    15. shotcraft3x
    16. MrIvek
    17. general2811
      where is the lang folder in quests? cant find them? no folder!?!
    18. AlexW
      Can you add Placeholder API support??
    19. KayrokMagick
      Hi, you guess Dynmap quests works on Thermos 1.7.10 (KCauldron)?
    20. tondass
      Hey! Can I ask - When I want to make a "chain" of quests, I don't want the players to see the quests that are going to be able to do after he does the quest below it. Is it somewhat possible? I can't seem to find the solution for a week now.
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