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Dec 23, 2014
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Feb 19, 2020 at 8:31 PM
    1. CaptainAlienHD
      Hi Pikachu. I would like to ask is there a way to Edit Lang files for Quests but in Server Folder and now use Crowdin? I dont want to use Crowdin cuz i will do translate of my language to the plugin, but the translate gonna be specific for my server and not for the language itself. So how can i use the files instead Crowdin?
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      2. CaptainAlienHD
        Yeah i've read that. But i'm getting this over and over. And i already have the lang/en-US/strings.yml files.
        [22:25:07] [Server thread/ERROR]: [Quests] Failed loading lang files for en-US because they were not found. Using default en-US
        [22:25:07] [Server thread/INFO]: [Quests] Loaded language en-US. Translations via Crowdin?
        Quests 3.2.5?
        Dec 4, 2018
      3. CaptainAlienHD
        I've literally loaded the file on a new server?
        No folder nothing. and it just output this errors?
        [15:49:46 INFO]: [Quests] Enabling Quests v3.2.5-b264
        [15:49:46 ERROR]: [Quests] Failed loading lang files for en-US because they were not found. Using default en-US
        [15:49:46 INFO]: [Quests] Loaded language en-US. Translations via Crowdin
        Dec 6, 2018
      4. CaptainAlienHD
        It cant find the lang files. But they are in Quests/lang All of the default language files?
        Dec 6, 2018
    2. TheJayZ
    3. enterih
      You're an awesome guy :) Thanks you
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    4. Playcoco
      Hello Pika !

      When i change the language in the config, it doesn't work cause "the language file is not found". I wrote fr-FR and its doesn't work. Can you help me ? :)

      1. PikaMug
        Please report all bugs on Github.
        Nov 25, 2018
    5. polsonator2
      There is now a new 1.13 version of PhatLoots that someone forked. The current version of Quests will not work with the new PhatLoots 5.0 snapshot update. Could you take a look at the the new PhatLoots 5.0 for 1.13 and see if it is possible that you could make Quests compatible with it? Here is the link to the newest PhatLoots version:



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      3. PikaMug
        Quests will only support plugins that are hosted on Spigot. (Note that even though the main page links to the author's website, the original PhatLoots is still available on Spigot).
        Nov 21, 2018
      4. polsonator2
        Thanks! I sent a message to the author on both Spigot and Githhub asking if they can add it to Spigot. Hopefully they do :)
        Nov 21, 2018
      5. polsonator2
        I just heard back from the author and he said he has reached out to the original author Codisimus asking for his permission for an official Spigot release. If Codisimus says yes the new author will post it!
        Nov 21, 2018
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    6. davidmf7
      I need help with Quests plugin
    7. minecrafter13003
      Hey, I could not find another way to contact anyone, but I wanted to ask is pigcraft gone for good. The forums won't let me on, it says page can't be found and anytime I try to load the server all I get are errors.
    8. NamVN
      Update 1.13.1 PLease :( I love your plugin <3
    9. Munchiemouth
      Hey :) could you PM me? I need to get in contact with Djurg about Pigcraft. I have an opportunity for him. Thank you :)
    10. WizardPulse
      Hey Happy, just wondering if you know what’s happened to Pigcraft and more importantly, djurg.
    11. Hortexel
      When will the stable version be on 1.13.1?
    12. M4rtyn4
      Are you planning Quests for Minecraft 1.13?
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      2. JaVolimKatarinu
        He added 1.13 support few versions ago, but it is dev version and not tested nor stable. Im curious about that too..
        Aug 22, 2018
    13. Matt471
      How can i make it so I can set up a Mining quest with more than one type of block available to mine, if i add more then one i get an internal server error.
    14. modd3rzunited
      1. enterih
        use newest build
        Apr 27, 2018
    15. LeviPrime
      Hello, I have all translation on RU, if you want PM me, I drop you this.
      1. PikaMug
        Feel free to submit translations on Crowdin!
        Apr 13, 2018
    16. TeezeR
      Very good plugin. Can you add an option to quit the current quests during the logout or a command to quit all quests. Example: "/ questadmin quit %player% * " or "/ questadmin quit %player% all "
    17. Garroth731
      how do you make the npc give you an item to deliver to another npc
    18. latiku
      do you still use win7
    19. Roy7885
      Hello HappyPikachu-sama,
      Bên Việt Nam chúng tôi đang có phàn nàn về việc việt hóa plugins
      Bạn có thể không cần việc hóa câu lệnh được không?
      Vì bên tui nói là không hiểu ghi lệnh như thế nào !
      Sorry tôi không biết English
    20. Towon
      Hey, can you update Quests on Bukkit to 1.12.2? My friend doesn't know how to change his server from Bukkit to Spigot
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