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Dec 23, 2014
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Feb 17, 2020 at 3:53 AM
    1. Vestle
      Hey, are you no longer doing anything with the Quests plugin? THere are bugs that need attending. DOnations will be made if bugs are fixed and plugin gets updated. Thank you for your hard work!
      1. PikaMug
        Thanks for your interest in Quests! My involvement in the project has slowed due to personal issues. However, the resource has not been abandoned and will see contributions from me once said issues have been resolved.
        Oct 29, 2017
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      2. Vestle
        I hope all goes well irl!
        Oct 29, 2017
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    2. FightingPlay
      Hay there,
      whats the Placeholder for players in quests in your Quests plugin?

      So that my NPC says Hello FightingPlay
    3. LamaDrama
      PM me Pika I would like to hire you
    4. LamaDrama
      Awesome Plugin Pika
    5. craftercis
      How can i remove the completed quests from a player who has cplpeted that quest from the npc list?
    6. tungooxx
      /quests there is /quests NULL vault is latest update
    7. LecraM2003
      I have a bug, when I do /quests there is /quests NULL and nothing works
      1. Fancepants
        Update vault. I had this same issue
        Aug 5, 2017
    8. enterih
      What's your favorit food?
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      2. PikaMug
        Pizza, errday!
        Jun 26, 2017
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    9. Sviatoslav
      Can i create a multiple command ( from console ) event?
      My problem: command includes e few comas.
    10. Dignitized
      So i made a Citizens NPC and i connected it to your plugin but for some really random reason whenever a player clicks the GUI Item it removes $2000-$4000 cash for absolutely no reason... please help
    11. Suoson
      finish-event string Name of Event to fire when the Stage is completed.
      It currently does not work, or so it seems. I am trying to give an item to the player via finish-event, but it won't do it, not per command and neither per native give item option.
    12. Quig
      Hey, I love your quest plugin! Some cool things to add would be a spectral effect on an npc that you need to talk to to complete a quest or something. Also it would be easier to use if there was a gui quest setup instead of typing the numbers and spamming chat. Anyways, thanks for the awesome plugin and keep it up!
    13. RebelD
      Any way to change the "Yes/No" in Quests accepting module with a JSON message that would work on click rather than typing in chat?
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    14. horia0310
      QUESTS download external link is not working!!!! Please fix!!
      1. PikaMug
    15. kingdingeling82
      Sorry, but the Break-Block thing still doesn't get loaded. The typed in data is getting saved in the quests file but it doesn't get loaded with restart or reload. version 2.7.6 and minecraft 1.11.2
    16. Mikirae
      Hello! I am currently running a server on SpongeForge, and I can't seem to find any good Quest plugins for it. I thought that this plugin looked rather nice, and I was wondering if you had any plans to port it over to Sponge? :o If not, that's fine too :)
    17. Awesome_Dante
      Hey man Im currently using your quests plugin on a destiny server we are wondering if you are able to provide a version that says "Glimmer" instead of "Money" rewards
    18. Christhedragon
      Hey man,

      I'm currently using your plugin and I love it! However i'd like to reset some players quests and not sure how. I've tried deleting them from the data folder: http://prntscr.com/drgh6p but did not work.

      Many regards,
    19. jeddell
      Hi Pikachu. Im having a problem with my quests not reloading. I followed the tutorial all the way through and Its all really wast to figure out, but right at the end when I type /questadmin reload, it returns "0 quests reloaded" any ideas?

      Also when I try and use the stage 1 (Break BLocks) it goes to Place blocks (item 3). I think this is a bug
    20. dafafdd
      Hi, i got a question. Which version of the quest plugin is compatible with Tekkit Lite. Is it compatible with PlayerPoints?
      Another question is, if the quest can do a command after completing the task?
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