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Dec 23, 2014
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Feb 18, 2020 at 1:54 AM
    1. Tomcatchriss
      Hello, I have some trouble with quest requirements. In Quest 1 you get a colored named item. In Quest 2 you need as requirement this colored named item. But the players can cheat and take this item normal and rename it without colors on an anvill and these items will accepted, too.
    2. joeflezer
      Hello , quests plugin, stage of block placing seem cant receive item id but have to type the item name instead, some items like head have it durability such as 373:3, and I cant insert the item in. it will be error
    3. Toposso
      Hey there i donĀ“t know where i can post ideas for your plugin or missing objects that i really want to have so i write here. Can you please add a craft item optiont in the Stage editor there are no option for craft items. thanks for reply bye Toposso PS: Thanks for your Hard Work your Plugin enriches the MC-Player World
    4. red0fireus
      Would I be able to pay you a set amount of money for a version of 'Quests' with MySQL support?
      1. PikaMug
        No, but thank you for the offer. Feel free to request SQL support on Github.
        Jun 20, 2016
    5. 123123b
      Hey, is it possible to make an escort Objective in your Quests plugin? It's where you have to escort an Npc to a specific area. There can be options with if they can be killed or not, if they follow you or not, and so on. Thanks for reading. PM me for more detail and further questions,
    6. kyleaaron14
      Could you pm me please?:)
    7. tara811
      2.5.5 Quests has a bug. Stages for new quests made no longer complete. The reward is never given.

      I spoke with nathanwolf and tried his 2.5.3 fork and this fixed the issue. So something that happened in 2.5.5 is the cause.
    8. shika258
      Hey my players have a problem, when they disconnect their quests are not saved and they have to begin again everything.
    9. MC_Limited
      Is there a possibilty to add Level requirement of the heroes plugin? exemple: you need to be level 10+ to start a specific quest.
      You already added primary and secondary class.
    10. avtario
      HP, would it be in the realm of possibility to add support for RacesAndClasses, so i can directly give EXP to the race?
    11. VipeR_Sed
      Forgive for concern - wanted to ask you, whether you plan to add compatibility with a plug-in RaceAndClasses?
      Simply similar plugin Heroes doesn't give the same broad functionality.
    12. H4ZEL
      Quest doesn't work. Have any Errors. Please contact me :)
    13. Jessy1237
      Hi, i'd love to get in contact with you about functionality of your quest plugin.
    14. Koz
      Good afternoon. Just letting you know that I've made a tutorial for your Quests plugin. Feel free to post it on your spigot page if you feel it is good enough https://youtu.be/0EZ6yv4MVBM
      1. Ted_2001 and WizardPulse like this.
      2. Ted_2001
        Koz Yu Are The Best Man!! <3
        Aug 2, 2015
      3. PikaMug
        Just seeing this now, thanks! I'll update the English tutorial link with it.
        Apr 30, 2016
    15. Samb_2000
      Your quests plugin
    16. Samb_2000
      I need help with you plugin i can get command rewards to work
    17. DovydasAL
      Hey Pikachu, I have a concern about your quests plugin. Is there anyway we can message?
    18. WizardPulse
      Hey HappyPikachu :P Long time no see bud
      1. PikaMug
        Jun 8, 2015
      2. WizardPulse
        You might not remember me, but I'm from PC! wc_fm_boy3 :) It's cool to see that you've taken over Quests.
        Jun 8, 2015
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