Jul 7, 2014
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Merry Christmas! Dec 25, 2019

    1. huuliveikko
      hi how to get more adminclaim more area right. purpose is to make a spawn flag. but there will be a notification. "yuor selected area overlaps an existing claim".
    2. NullCase
      An excellent developer, works to exhaustion far too often!! Thanks for your hard work in 2019 RoboMWM.
      1. RoboMWM likes this.
      2. RoboMWM
        Lol, thanks!
        Yea, my time became more limited, but I'm starting to get back into the groove of things - I already planned to update to 1.15.1 this weekend to get started on any plugins that also need an update!
        Jan 18, 2020
        NullCase likes this.
    3. RoboMWM
      Merry Christmas!
    4. Elari
      Hello, i have an probleme, players who are using /wild they are going to die instanly, it teleports them inside blocks. :/ How can i fix that?
      1. RoboMWM
        Dec 1, 2019
    5. TheOGDominic
      With the latest version of the Wild plugin, it seems that players can't enter the portal and go to the wild, they instead have to enter the portal and then move around while in the portal for them to get teleported which causes some confusion. The wildtp literally only works once you've actually moved while in the portal.
      1. RoboMWM
        Ok but did you post this in the resource discussion
        Oct 26, 2019
      2. TheOGDominic
        i have now
        Nov 2, 2019
    6. Farvald_Geldnir
      Is there a way to turn off the block on TNT damage? I want players to be able to raid each other still, but not easily. Basically I want them to have to make TNT cannons to raid each other.
    7. TheWasabiDude
      Hey, I believe we've found 3 ways to get into a protected house defended with protected doors and everything via GriefPrevention. Where should I share it? I see no option to pm you
      1. RoboMWM
        If it's just a way for a player to get inside (and not actually modify blocks, etc.) then no confidentiality is necessary for these issues; especially since the cause of most of these issues should be handled by an anticheat plugin. Please post in the issue tracker if that's the case.
        Oct 22, 2019
    8. DynastyNetwork
      Nobody answered the support irc when I tried so can we talk here?
      1. RoboMWM
        Ya but there's the spigot discussion tab on the plugin page too where more people will see and can help you out as well...
        Sep 27, 2019
    9. RoboMWM
    10. the_biggest_noob
      Hello so i have GriefPrevention on my server and what to tnt to blow up and brack blocks but the plugin is stoping it how can i make it work?
    11. IR0NSIGHT
      Hey there, it wont let me PM you. Could you pm me instead?
      Got some questions about extra hard mode and its future. Thx :)
      1. RoboMWM
        Just ask in its discussion thread
        Sep 7, 2019
    12. CrzyKer
      Just a GP inquiry. For the suggested permission to "exempt claim expiration", why not just add a flag to the players data(file/table) that is set on logout when they're given the permission.
      1. RoboMWM
        Questions for GP are better suited in the discussion thread so others can see too.

        Database changes always incur a risk, as it usually involves conversion of existing data files.
        Aug 27, 2019
      2. CrzyKer
        Sorry for posting in the wrong place. i'll move this to the discussion thread.
        Aug 27, 2019
    13. RoboMWM
      Wuts up gamers
    14. Jayden1666
      Hey mate. Need you to update this plugin Grief Prevention to 1.14.4 As it has broken on my server.
    15. Blocks_n_more
      Does greifprevention have any placeholders like %currentclaim% ? Please let me know
    16. Edwardo
      Does GriefProtection have support for 1.14.4
    17. Bombasts
      Does ChestClaimDays and UnusedClaimDays mean the claim owner is inactive and does not use that claim at all for that period of time? Or can nobody use it?
    18. KayrokMagick
      A request for GP. You can add a fly feature for players inside his claims? Already exist Claimfly plugin but it's a little buggy and no signs of the developer U_U.
    19. extral1f3
      Is there a way that we can get a fork of the ExtraHardMode with only The Dragon fight features? There are not many good dragon fighting plugins out there and this one with the few options provided that pertain to the dragon is already better than most. It would be so amazing to see this happen! I myself would even be willing to donate for it. Maybe for 1.12+ would be a good idea :)
      1. View previous comments...
      2. RoboMWM
        Oh, you haven't made any posts in any threads. For example, you could post this request in the ExtraHardMode thread and ask/report issues on other plugins in their resource thread instead of via PM or profile posts. That way you'll get your post count up and be "trusted" to view other parts of the forum.
        Jul 12, 2019
      3. RoboMWM
      4. extral1f3
        Thanks! Ill post my request there. Again, much appreciated!
        Jul 12, 2019
    20. KayrokMagick
      Hello! Excuse me, how can I disable the chest autoclaim? I can't find the info about it. Thanks!
      1. RoboMWM
        See documentation regarding automaticclaim or something, can't recall the exact config option
        Jul 7, 2019
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